Legendary death metal gods Deceased dominate Louisville’s New Vintage with Savage Master, Fatal Step, and Astrum.

09-Sep-2016: Louisville occult masters, Savage Master, provided the support this evening. The band members were decked out in leather, donning executioner’s hoods with chains and studs. The Savage Master Stacey Savage rolled through a great set from their latest album, With Whips and Chains. The band closed their powerful set with “The Ripper In Black.”

Savage Master is Stacey Peak (vocals), Adam Neal (guitar), Larry Myers (guitar), Brandon Brown (bass), and Zach Harris (drums).

Playing second was Louisville-based metallers Fatal Step. Their 30-Minute set included a roaring cover of Savatage’s “Hall of The Mountain King” before finishing old-school with a classic cover of Krokus’s “Long Stick Goes Boom” that was pure, classic metal.

Fatal Step is Mike Barnes (vocals – also Abominant), Chris Leffler (guitar), Todd Hawkins (guitar), Jerry Barksdale (bass) and Bryan Snook (drums).

Astrum, a blackened-thrash punk band from Louisville opened the evening up in a great way. Their thirty+ minute set was hard and fast with some great guitar work from guitarist Tim Paler and the dominating presence of lead singer Damian Thorn and his full set of body armor. Astrum began in the late 90s as a solo project of Tim Paler (Tim Croft). They have since gone on to become a full band releasing four albums. Their forthcoming fifth album will be released a bit later with a new line-up including Damian Thorn on vocals, Andrew Estes on bass, Jim Higgins on drums, and Tim Paler on guitar.

A great crowd packed into Louisville’s New Vintage on Friday night to see King Fowley and Deceased perform a powerhouse set. Deceased tear thru “Elly’s Dementia,” “Night of the Deceased,” and “The Premonition” with a fury and energy that immediately captivates the room.

King Fowley took a quick moment to address the crowd saying that in thirty-one years of being a band and touring all over the world, “Tonight is our first ever show in Kentucky. We were saving the best for last!” Before introducing the next song as, “It ain’t about a circle or a square – this is ‘The Triangle,'” followed by “The Silent Creature” and a blazing “It’s Alive.”

With more than half of their set complete, King Fowley paused for a moment while fist-bumping everyone across the stage-front saying, “It’s great to see all of the people smiling and having a good time – we really appreciate all of the support.”

“Back in 1984, we did a lot of PCP. So, we wrote a song about it,” King commented as Deceased launch into a hard-driving rendition of “Morbid Shape In Black” followed by “Psychedelic Warriors” and “Haunted Cerebellum.”

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Deceased closed out their fantastic set just like they started — with a dominating rage and energy with “Shrieks from the Hearse” and finally “Fearless Undead Machines.”

Deceased’s sound centers around themes of horror, their music both brutal and melodic with King’s crazy vocals along with stinging guitar riffs and a bass line that just destroys. It was a great evening of death, thrash metal

Deceased are King Fowley (vocals), Walter White (bass), Matt Ibach (guitar), Shane Fuegal (guitar) and Dave “Scarface” Castillo (drums).


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