Phil Anselmo and Superjoint destroy a metal hungry Louisville crowd with Battlecross, Child Bite, VAMT and Artwork for the Blind.

By the time Superjoint took to the Diamonds Pub stage, the venue felt like it was going to explode! With the energy level at a fever pitch and the crowd crammed up at the front of the stage, Superjoint rolled into the opening chords of “Oblivious Maximus, ” and everything else turned into a metal moshing blur.

Phil was great on stage and in command of the room. He egged on the mosh pit and hi-fived and fist bumped fans. Phil joked, “It’s great to see all of you out here on a Tuesday night. How many of you have a job?” The crowd roared in reply.

It was interesting to see a metal show with the lights up. Phil explained that he’s not into “all of this bullshit lighting,” explaining that he wants to see everyone in the house.

The band was tight and on fire tonite, feeding on the crowd and trying to give back even more.

Phil left us saying,”The struggle is real, and we are stronger together.” They closed the evening with “Everyone Fuckin’ Hates Everyone” closing the door on a memorable performance.

Superjoint’s set tonite was “Oblivious Maximus,” “Burning the Blanket,” “Ruin You,” “The Alcoholik,” “4 Songs,” “Caught Up in the Gears of Application,” “Anti faith,” “Sociopathic Herd Delusion,” “Waiting for the Turning Point,” “Fuck Your Enemy,” “Ozena.” The Encore “It Takes No Guts,” and “Everyone Hates Everyone.”

Superjoint is Phil Anselmo (vocals), Jimmy Bower and Kevin Bond (guitar), Joey “Blue” Gonzalez (drums), and Stephen Taylor (bass)

Providing support was Detroit Thrash metal masters Battlecross known for their hair whipping, fast, and furious sound. Lead singer Kyle said, “You guys are Metal as Fuck for a Tuesday,” drawing a solid roar from the crowd.

The band was all smiles on the stage. Kyle started off saying, “We have a new president,” to which the crowd shouted their disapproval. “But who the fuck cares? He doesn’t care about you or us, only the rich people,” he finished. Battlecross launched into the brutal “Not Your Slave” ending their performance with their fans shouting for more.

Battlecross is Kyle Gunther (vocals), Tony Asta and Hiran Deraniyagala (guitar), Don Slater (bass). Setlist: “Breaking You,” “Ghost Alive,” “Force Fed Lies,” “Not Your Slave,” “Flesh & Bone,” and “Push Pull Destroy”:

With an energy that can only be described as “frenetic” and “uncontrollable” was Detroit-based Child Bite. Over the next 30-minutes, they unleashed a blazing set opening with “Vermin Mentality” along with “Ancestral Ooze” before ending on “Born a Hog.”

Child Bite is Shawn Knight (vocals, guitar, keys/samples), Sean Clancy (bass), Brandon Sczomak (guitar), and Jeff Kraus (drums).

Terry Harper Productions is known for booking local metal groups to support the headliners at his shows. Performing second is one such band, the outstanding Louisville-based, VAMT. Victor’s vocals are both distinctive and unusual. He is backed up by Andy (guitar), Marcus (bass), and Troy (drums).

Opening the show this evening was Louisville-based metallers Artwork For The Blind. Their solid set of raging death metal was both electric and dark, setting a perfect tone for the evening ahead.

Artwork For The Blind is Sean Curry (vocals), Sol. E. Williams (guitar and vocals), Michael Hoehn (bass and vocals), and Larry Myers (drums).

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Event Date: 24-Jan-2017