It’s refreshing when an artist doesn’t hold back on an interview. For those that don’t know who Samus is, hold on to your bloomers, grandma!

“Samus Paulicelli is a multi-instrumentalist who has recorded and toured with many national acts including Decrepit Birth, Goatwhore, and Abigail Williams.” When your bio starts off like that on Metal For Hire, that’s not too shabby. Samus took a few minutes to sit down with National Rock Review to talk about the services he’s offering, the prospects of a new Decrepit Birth CD, and body fluids that will make you see band vans in a whole new light. Without further delay, please enjoy the interview.

NRR: You’re working with Metal For Hire. How did that partnership come about?
Samus Paulicelli: My good friend Devin, whom I have known since high school, told me about this idea and of course I think it is great! I jumped on board immediately and plan on staying!
NRR: You are offering quite a few different services with the Metal For Hire people. How did you get into all of the other aspects of the production and music?
Samus Paulicelli: I guess it all started back in 2003 when I got my interface and started messing around with recording. I learned a bunch from my friends who owned a studio and wanted to start recording myself. I just recorded random shit and some local bands and also some old Mutiny Within demo songs were tracked at my house. Pretty much just learning everything along the way and using my ears and picking the brains of professionals is what I [did] and still do today. It is definitely a lot of work and many hours go into it, but the finished product always makes it worth it.
NRR: You’re pretty well known for your drumming skills. Do you see a point down the road where you find more pleasure behind the other side of the glass in the studio rather then behind the drum kit?
Samus Paulicelli: Yes, when I got sick and tired of setting up and breaking down my drum kit every night, (laughing)! Besides that, I’m really just happy playing anything on any instrument that I can play and making some kind of noise that puts a smile on my face.
NRR: Outside of the Metal For Hire collaboration, do you have any other projects going on that you’d like to give a quick plug for?
Samus Paulicelli: Absolutely. Matt Sotelo and I are extremely close to being done writing the new Decrepit Birth album. He will be flying up to Winnipeg at the end of the summer so we can track the drums! Soooo stoked. And also just my YouTube channel which I am always working on new material for.

Decrepit Birth – “The Infestation” – DRUMS

NRR: For those that haven’t followed your career on the sticks, how did you get into music and was the genre that you’re associated with always the goal for your creativity?
Samus Paulicelli: I always loved the southern rock and blues music my dad would play when I was growing up. And I was always tapping on things so my parents got me a junior drum kit when I was two or three and then it was all over. As far as genre goes, it really doesn’t matter, as long as I’m having fun. If there is no fun, there is no point. It usually always ends up being metal, and I’m totally fine with that. I would love to reach as big of audience as possible though, so we will see what the future brings, (laughing).
NRR: You’re still in your twenties, but you’re by no means a novice to the music industry. With everything you’ve seen to this point, is there anything the you of 2015 would give as advice to the you when you were setting out?
Samus Paulicelli: Definitely. DONT FUCKING SLACK OFF! Nothing will just come to you, you have to work your ass off and set a goal or else nothing will happen. I spent way too much time in my early twenties not giving a shit when I could have been doing something productive and I definitely regret it.
NRR: You’re not new to the grind of being out on the road. Is there any one memory that sticks out that would be your Spinal Tap moment? One that makes you just shake your head and laugh about when it gets brought up?
Samus Paulicelli: Yes. When other band members think it’s okay to get drunk and spray their jizz all over everyone else’s stuff in the van. (Laughing).
NRR: If you woke up one morning and decided to turn the page on music in general, what do you think you’d do as your “day job”? Or is music it, live or die?
Samus Paulicelli: Music or die, motherfucker. Sadly, it will probably never be my full-time job though. I have one year left of school before I get my Business/Agriculture degree so I’m sure that is where most of my future income will come from. But, if I did not have music in my life, then… well… fuck life.
NRR: Some people work at a job, say being a mechanic, and the last thing they want to do, is work on the neighbor’s car when they get home. Do you watch other bands when your not on the road and if so, who was the last act you went to watch because you really wanted to see the set?
Samus Paulicelli: It’s funny you say that. I actually rarely leave my house to go to any kind of shows, unless SLAYER!!!!!! comes to town. But this month I am going to a few! I saw Revocation with Veil of Maya last night and they both raped it as always. David Davidson was the highlight of the entire show though, I must add. He always is. His guitar solos are soooo sexy time! Yizzzzzz. And tonight I will be going to see Battlecross, great friends of mine and they always bring the rock.
NRR: This one is for you. Did I miss anything that you wanted to touch on and if so, what would you like to get out there with our great National Rock Review audience?
Samus Paulicelli: Just be ready for the new Decrepit Birth album. It is going to rip your pants off. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I am always posting new videos and updates!
NRR: Is there a band or artist that you’ve got on a bucket list to play with either in the studio or live that you’d jump at if the opportunity presented itself?

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