Steel Panther bring the raunch back to Hollywood with a “threesome” of glam rock shows at the historic Fonda Theater.

Steel Panther‘s legendary residency at the House of Blues, Hollywood ended last year when the venue closed down. However, they are back in Hollywood at the Fonda Theater for a three-week Thursday night residency.

The comedy hair metal band was in top form, starting the show off with “Supersonic Sex Machine,” “Tomorrow Night,” and “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World.” They then brought up a Japanese fan who was at her 50th Panther show for a little quality stage time and played “Asian Hooker” while she danced on stage with the band.

Then it was time to bring up several girls from the audience to dance along and show their boobs, including a young stunner, who monopolized the stage for the most of the night.

Actor Dean Cameron joined them onstage for “Girl From Oklahoma,” and then guitarist Satchel was challenged to a guitar duel by young audience member Jacob, who absolutely shredded on Poison’s “Nothing But a Good Time.” Drummer Stix Zadina was then challenged by another young audience member, who accompanied the band on the Kink’s “You Really Got Me.” Panther ended the show with “Party All Day.”

Steel Panther’s shows aren’t for everyone. They are rude, raunchy, and misogynist and pretty much guaranteed to offend nearly everyone. But, once you get past that, they are fun as hell. They are the Spinal Tap of 80s hair metal and play their parts perfectly. Michael Starr is the perfect glam frontman, part David Lee Roth and part Brett Michaels, and Lexxi’s onstage preening is absolutely hysterical. But as amusing as they are, they wouldn’t be anywhere if they weren’t great musicians who really know their stuff.

Brazilian-American guitarist Rafael Moreira, best known for The Voice, opened the show with his new band, Magnetico, a threesome with incredible musicianship. They opened their 45-minute set with “The Emperor,” and played several prog-metal songs with titles like “Soldiers of God,” “Nothingness,” and “Lady Friend of Mind,” ending their set with “Avalanche.”

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