Bands today have to do what they need to do to get the buzz out there. We made a few suggestions that were gold, Jack.

Cheww Sifford (vocals), Will Tucker (guitar), Ryan McLaughlin (bass), and Corey Carpenter (drums) have this little band from St. Louis called The Greater Good. This self-described melodic, post-hardcore band started to make waves in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. In a rare event, like getting free drinks at the bar while looking for a damn Squirtle, we managed to wrangle up the entire band for some Q&A from the Gateway to the West.

While we haven’t heard much about the band, at the time we found out they were on the bill for Dirt Fest 2016, here at the National Rock Review Northern Annex, we’re glad that’s no longer the case. While it didn’t hit us to ask if they’re going to be a boy band for Halloween, we did get to talk about strange events, drinks of choice, and well, you’ll need to read the rest yourselves.

‘Enjoy, the guys are as down to earth as you’d hope a band on the come would be. Prove us right… or wrong with your thoughts at our Twitter feed or Facebook page. We love trolls as much as the next person.

NRR: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for National Rock Review’s Dirt Fest 2016 coverage. What’s been going on with the band, The Greater Good, so far in 2016?
The Greater Good: Hey, Erich, so far in the year of 2016, The Greater Good has been playing shows consecutively at least once a month, one of which being in LA for the Rock Party Music Festival with Attila and As Blood Runs Black, along with writing new material.
NRR: Describe what new fans can expect to hear from your set in Pontiac, MI later this summer sonically?
The Greater Good: New fans can expect to hear and see somethin’ else – something authentic. We bring a fresh, new, genre-bending sound to the table, while maintaining an energetic, passionate, and captivating love stage presence.
NRR: Unless a band is extremely blessed, lineup changes happen. How is the search for a new axe man going?
The Greater Good: The search for a new guitarist is going well, with at least one new submitition a day. Although our criteria has rather high expectations, we’re confident the right person will come our way.
NRR: If there was an adult beverage company willing to throw money and product at you to help with a tour, who is the first to come to mind?
The Greater Good: Cheww: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
Will: Bud Light
Ryan: Wild Turkey American Honey
Corey: The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum
NRR: How does it feel to play a well established festival right up I-75 from you like Dirt Fest?
The Greater Good: It feels great to play another out of town festival, especially with this one being closer to home. We see it as a good opportunity to interact with and make new fans/friends. Also, playing with the bands that inspired us is a humbling feeling in of itself.
NRR: Do bands of all sizes need to be even more aware of keeping your gear safe while out on the road?
The Greater Good: We believe every band, big or small, should always keep an eye on their own gear 24/7, as well as respecting the equipment of other musicians simultaneously.
NRR: I see you guys have a fondness for the new Pokémon Go. Is that a more generational game or can you see Kerry King playing it before a show?
The Greater Good: Honestly, anybody and everyone can play Pokémon GO. For instance, today alone we witnessed a three year old and a 60 year old man playing the game!

NRR: If you were in the crowd after your set, and heard two people talking about The Greater Good, how would you hope the conversation might go?
The Greater Good: If we overheard people talking about our set, we would hope they said something along the lines of how we are different and something worth seeing over and over again.
NRR: Is there a moment, that thinking back on it now, in the your time together, or with any band in the past, that you can’t help but still feel a tad bit embarrassed about, a situation that makes you laugh about despite yourself, or just still makes you shake your head in disbelief? A Spinal Tap moment if you will, that you’d be willing to share with me?
The Greater Good: One particular instance that we still shake our head’s at, to this day, is that during our show with I Set My Friends On Fire, midway through our set, some of our fans got into a fist fight during a breakdown, ending with a broken beer bottle to the face, resulting in a lot of blood, a lot stitches, and an arrest.
NRR: Are you guys still music fans outside of being on stage, and if so, is there anyone on the Dirtfest bill you’re excited to catch since everyone plays on the same day this year?
The Greater Good: Undoubtedly we are fans of music outside of playing on stage and writing our own. Inspiration comes to us from all different groups or bands in almost every genre of music imaginable. We are excited to see Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria, Hatebreed, Attila and Born of Osiris.

Happy Birthday, Cheww! 🎊🎉🎊🎉Photo // Jonathon Walters – Photographer

Posted by The Greater Good on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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