Alternative rock band, RNDM, concluded their brief seven date tour at Chicago’s iconic Double Door.

Walking out on stage and removing their signature balaclava masks, RNDM filled the Double Door with their blend of electro-indie-alternative rock. Their style is very reminiscent of nineties British indie acts, such as Suede, with hints of David Bowie.

The short US tour is in support of the band’s newly released sophomore album, Ghost Riding, released October 30, 2015, via Dine Alone Records.

The band lineup includes Jeff Ament (bass), Joseph Arthur (vocals and guitar), and Richard Stuverud (drums).

Scanning the audience, more than a few Pearl Jam shirts stand out. It makes sense as Ament is a founding member of iconic grunge band.

Arthur helps to demonstrate the band’s depth and versatility when he plays his bluesy rock guitar solos. The crowd takes notice as well, paying rapt attention to every note.

He is also a charismatic frontman, as he played his part and captivated the audience. Arthur also managed to calm down a confrontation that was brewing between a select few members of the audience near the stage, reminding them that “we’re here for the music.”

You will never see a more passionate and animated drummer than Stuverud. Not one to be forgotten behind his kit at the back of the stage, Stuverud gave an energetic performance with great intensity and a flair for the dramatic. This is one drummer that cannot be overlooked.

Joseph Arthur will be starting his North American solo tour next month, while Jeff Ament will be starting his tour with Pearl Jam.

As for RNDM, it has been four years since their last album. Fans everywhere are hoping they don’t leave it as long till the next release or tour.

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