Sixx:A.M. brought their Prayers for the Damned tour to Chicago, and left everyone wanting more.

Concord Music Hall was filled with a mixture of Sixx:A.M. fans, old and new, who came out in force to support the band. There was a sea of Motley Crue t-shirts in the crowd, evidence of the strong Crue fanbase who came to see Nikki Sixx in his alternative guise.

Sixx:A.M. came together as a side project of Nikki Sixx, James Michael, and DJ Ashba, back in 2007. Now, with the end of Motley Crue for Sixx and DJ Ashba stepping away from Guns N Roses, the band is a full-time entity in its own right. They have recently released Prayers for the Damned, Volume 1, with the second volume being released later this year. They’ve obviously been productive together to produce two full albums in this short time. Judging by their performance on Tuesday night, these new songs were not a rushed job.

The new material stood out on a setlist spanning their full nine-year history, for the right reasons. Judging by the reaction of the crowd, their new material was a hit. “Rise” had everyone’s fists in the air whilst the anthemic “When We Were Gods” showcased their new harder rock side.

Of course, having an iconic bass player such as Nikki Sixx, you would expect a strong, hard-punching bass line. However, it is not fair to talk about Sixx:AM and ignore his talented bandmates, James Michael and DJ Ashba.

Ashba looked like he was having the time of his life, playing some incredible guitar licks while blowing kisses and making heart shapes with his hands to the crowd. Let’s not forget the spinning of his guitar around his body which wouldn’t have looked out-of-place at an Iron Maiden show.

Last but certainly not least, is the man with the voice, James Michael. His vocal range was impressive. Michael could sing “Rise,” a real rocker, and follow it with the angelic tones of “Accidents Can Happen.” He is also a talented and captivating frontman who knows when to step back and give his bandmates their time in the spotlight. Not only is he the vocalist of Sixx:A.M., but he also produced their current album.

This three-piece, with help from drummer Dustin Steinke, and backup vocalists Amber Van Buskirk and Melissa Harding, has achieved a respectable level of success. With their full dedication to what was once a side project, there is clearly a bright future ahead of these guys.

This was the first Sixx:A.M. show for many of the crowd. Judging by their reaction to Tuesday’s show, this will not be their last. There will certainly be a warm welcome waiting for them in Chicago when they tour Prayers for the Damned, Volume 2. The rock horns are ready and awaiting their return.

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