On the way to Rock on the Range, September Mourning and the rest of The Reapers stopped for a warm up at Frankie’s Inner City.

On a sleepy Thursday night at Frankie’s Inner City, one of the best shows hardly anyone saw happened. Getting ready to play Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH caused a band to play an iconic northwest Ohio venue as a good way to knock the bugs out of the show. September Mourning was the headliner in question this night and received fantastic help from their openers with It’s in the Blood and The Anthropologist’s.

Toledo alternative, progressive metal band, It’s in the Blood, started things off for the night. Having formed in 2012, this band showed what playing together can allow you to handle anything. Due to scheduling conflicts, the five-piece was going to go on with the show being down two members. At the last minute, the bassist was able to make it and the set happened at almost full force. If their show was this good being one man down, seeing their full line-up should prove to be a shot in the arm for the local music scene.

Promptly taking over the command of the stage was the three-piece alternative, indie rockers, The Anthropologist’s. They kept things interesting with talent, some interesting commentary between songs, and set list choices. From the low-tech approach and the obvious onstage fun, the band was busy making the middle spot on the billing end up a good choice for them. Where some band’s are more reliant on high-tech gadgets and gizmos, Chuck Taylor’s and a single pedal for the guitarist not singing made a statement. Solid playing and not standing still for too long made the lyrics of the songs that much more enjoyable to listen to.

Closing down the night was the headliner, September Mourning. Not only was the group looking to work out any bugs that might have been overlooked by getting reps playing live, it was a good way to be sharp for their Rock on the Range stint and also the comic con the band was eager to play at as well. Having quite a bit on experience with a former Gemini Syndrome member in The Reapers, the show went quite smoothly. Starting off with a fog machine setting the mood, with the flashes of strobe lighting off in the corner adding to an eerie effect, and the fantastic voyage was on. The faithful Children of Fate that showed to see things in person were not disappointed. With maybe the only exception being that the show wasn’t longer in its play time.

Look for stops near you below. If you get to experience the live show, the comic books, or the music in general, we’d love to hear what you have to say about any of it.

National Rock Review recently had a chance to take some time from the head reaper herself to ask some questions and get to know her better with her vision and background. You can read about it, here.

September Mourning also recently released a cover of Ben E. King’s 1960 hit “Stand By Me.” Read about it and watch the video in our article found here.

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