Bach gives a very special performance at Expo Five, supported by Texas Hippie Coalition, Two Pump Chump, Pop Kiss Chainsaw, and Left Hand Twist.

Touring in support of his recent album, Give ‘em Hell, Sebastian Bach took to the Expo Five stage on Friday night, treating the nearly full room to an outstanding evening of classic heavy metal. Bach didn’t waste any time kicking things into high gear, opening the evening with “Slave to the Grind,” then rolling into two new songs off the new album, “Hell Inside My Head” and “Temptation.” There were many highlights during the evening including an awesome rendition of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” in the middle of “Monkey Business,” along with performing fan favorites, “18 and Life” and “I Remember You.”

The evening was his daughter Sebastiana’s eighth Birthday and she was on the stage while he performed “Wishes” for her. It was only the second time he has performed the song live and there was a fitting line in the song – “I wish I could be everything for you.”  

Sebastian also performed a song that Dimebag (Darryl Abbot, Pantera) told him was a Skid Row favorite, “A Darkened Room,” and that “he should do more like this.”  

Sebastian completed the set with “Youth of a Nation,” with his daughter on his shoulders singing the chorus, before everyone in attendance sang “Happy Birthday” to Sebastiana to finish out the night.

The night was classic Sebastian Bach, exhibiting his dominating stage presence, his frenetic energy complete with relentless hair whipping, hard driving and familiar classic songs, and his solid vocals; he was clearly soaking up the adoration and energy from the crowd.  There was a definite air of old friends reuniting.  It was a magical evening for everyone!

From the second Big Dad Ritch takes his place in front of his shotgun mic stand and Texas Hippie Coalition tear into their first song, “Hand’s Up,” you know that you are in for a show.  The self-proclaimed “King of Texas” told the crowd “THC drove all the way from Texas to Louisville to smoke weed and drink whiskey with y’all” while performing their Southern Rock Red Dirt Metal. Their set included THC standards “Pissed Off and Mad About It,” “Rollin’,”  “Outlaw,” “Fire in the Hole,” and “Turn It Up.”

In between songs Big Dad Ritch shared this with his friends – His mama asked him if he was going to be a doctor or a lawyer when he grew up and he told her I’m gonna smoke more weed than Willie, drink more whiskey than Waylon, wear black like Johnny, ‘cos I’m gonna be an outlaw.”  Go see THC live.  They start their Smokin’ Hot Tour on July 31. Texas Hippie Coalition is Big Dad Ritch (vocals), John Exall (bass),  Cord Pool (guitar), and Timmy Braun (drums).

It was great to see local rock and metal groups supporting Sebastian Bach this evening as well. Louisville-based Two Pump Chump were the third-billed act to perform, playing a 30-minute set of original party rock songs that left the room smiling. The band lineup includes Scott D Cook (vocals), B-Rad Mattingly (guitars), Traz Mudd (guitars), Brett Siples (drums), and Dave Bennett (bass).

On stage second was Pop Kiss Chainsaw (PKC) hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. They didn’t miss a beat with a solid set of self-proclaimed southern slam. Their music is distinctly rock/alternative. The lead singer has a great stage presence and voice and they delivered a well-received show.  PKC is Troy Ford (drums), Greg Viergutz (bass, vocals), Marty Triplett (vocals), Brad Bullard (guitar, vocals).

Starting the evening was Louisville-based Left Hand Twist who kicked the evening off with a set of original southern metal with a twist. Their set was high energy and began the evening in the right way.

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