An eclectic evening of rock music featuring Scissor Now and the Lucid Furs cures any St. Patty’s Day hangovers at the Crossroads Pub.

Ann Arbor’s own women’s roller derby team, the Brawlstars decide that the day after St. Patrick’s Day makes for the perfect time to throw a tasty rock and roll smorgasbord. The line-up for the benefit show is stacked with hard-hitting rock and tripped out punk. The intimate setting of the Crossroads Pub in Ypsilanti, Michigan has regulars and newcomers ready to get happy.

Getting the evening rolling is oil slicked garage sounds of Primitiv Parts. This Detroit trio pulls in the crowd with redolent vocals casting shadows of early Smashing Pumpkins. Their set is short and to the point.

Hailing from Ypsilanti, Cig Butts made for the stage with a boisterous audience in tow. They keep the garage rock humming hard with their enthusiasm and penchant for fuzz. They cap off an emotional performance with Rage Against The Machine’s middle finger anthem “Killing In The Name”. This band should be on your radar if you are looking for music that screams the passion of punk.

As the evening moves toward the witching hour, the Lucid Furs kick it into high gear. The mean streets of Detroit make for a band with balls out power and a trunk full of soul. The Lucid Furs take the power of the blues and supercharge it with driving rhythm of drummer Dan Regenauer and bassist Joe Kuhr. Guitarist Ethan Carlson is nearly setting the fretboard on fire with his scorching blues licks. The heart and soul of rock and roll beckons from the tantalizing vocals of Karen O’Connor.

Closing out this gala of alt-rock fun is the weirdly sensual musings of Scissor Now! The band is composed of Kevin Sanchez (drums), Jef Porkins (bass), and Jes Bratus (vocals/sax). Images of Frank Zappa jamming with the Talking Heads and Jesus Lizard spring to mind as the music swims through the crowd.

Jef’’s popping bass combined with Kevin’s cracking snare provokes the crowd into jumping and dancing. Jes’s quirky sax and comical tongue-twisting lyrics add fuel to the fire with songs “Sexual Kombucha”, “Not That Kinda Kiss (That a Mother Gives)”, and “Make Babies or Die Trying”. In the blink of an eye, Scissor Now are done with their set and wishing everyone a good night. What a fun night of gritty rock music.

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Crossroads Pub

Event Date: 18-Mar-2017

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