Death metal legends Morta Skuld unleash a feral neck snapping onslaught upon the chosen who gathered at the Corktown Tavern in Detroit.

Morta Skuld are veterans of the first wave of primal death metal. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Morta Skuld emerged in the early 90’s as lords of the devastating riff. They broke up for nearly 20 years and have reformed with teeth gnashing at the bit. Their most recent album, Wounds Deeper Than Time, finds the band creating music brimming with ferocity and power.

The night begins to unfold with one of the best power metal/thrash bands in the state of Michigan – Past Tense. The band opens with a shattering cover of “Hellion/Electric Eye” by Judas Priest. Past Tense wastes little time in ripping into one pyrotechnic metal tune after another. The stage is too small to contain the band who move out into the crowd to thrash and wail.

Eve’s Blood are playing only their second show, yet they sound like they have been together forever. Their sound is a fascinating concoction of metal genres with a big nod to Black Sabbath and Obituary. Muscular riffs with crunchy rhythms and intriguing time changes make the music irresistible.

From Roseville, MI comes the chainsaw holocaust of death known as Centenary. These guys worship at the altar of classic Swedish death such as Dismember, Entombed, and Unleashed. Twin guitars lay down a barrage of heavy chain gun fire as the bass belches blood and bones into the eager crowd. As the drums roll out one blasting wave after another, the vocals shriek and scream like ten thousand souls burning in hell. This is how you bring the death metal to Detroit.

As the witching hour strikes, Morta Skuld unfurl a pulverizing wall of death. David Gregor launches a vocal attack with a fervid intensity that is matched in magnitude by the music. The songs “Hating Life” and “In Judgement” are marvelously punishing.

Everyone in this band is technically adept, yet a nod of respect should be given to drummer Eric House. His performance is as relentless as the music of Morta Skuld. Hammering double bass and a mighty blasting tom and snare added a blazing energy to the band’s performance. Hats off to the whole band for an outstanding show.

Morta Skuld
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Eve’s Blood

Past Tense
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Event Date: 07-JUL-2017

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