Allen, Mack, Myers and Moore simply shine at Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom with support from Frank Viele and Brent James.

Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore with Zach Myers (from Shinedown), Zack Mack and J.R. Moore from the band Ingram Hill (Chris Allen was not on stage this evening) stroll on to the Mercury Ballroom stage on Thursday night with one thing in mind – to have a great time, and proceed to do exactly that.

Zach starts off the show from behind the piano, promptly launching into “Dracula’s song” from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It seems they were playing around with this song during soundcheck and unexpectedly decide to start with this as the show opener.  It immediately creates a lively and relaxed atmosphere. It is difficult to tell who is having more fun, Zach & the guys or those in the crowd, which sets the tone for the night.

With no scripted set list this evening, Mack, Myers & Moore improvise for more than 2 hours with a loose, free-flowing set of songs that strike their fancy, complete with storytelling about the band and their music. The overall energy and impromptu nature of this performance are contagious and the crowd is easily caught up as the night unfolds. 

Tonight’s set contains a little of everything, songs from the two AMMM albums, Just South of Moonlight and the first album Shuffle, which is only available at the shows, mixed in with some Shinedown and Ingram Hill songs as well as some fantastic covers from bands “we all grew up with”.

The acoustic cover of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”, comes complete with a friendly competition to see who can hit the highest note, amping up the energy in the room. The Ingram Hill song “ Four Letter word” is followed by “My Dream” with Zack Mack accompanying on harmonica, with “Marjorie“ following next providing the perfect showcase for this trio’s chemistry and musicianship. 

The first Shinedown cover, an acoustic version of “Second Chance”, needs the voices of all in the room, which are enthusiastically supplied,  creating a definite highlight of the show. Zach comments that this is only the second time they have played the track on this tour.

A rousing rendition of “Ophelia” is next, followed by Zach behind the piano for Shinedown’s “Unity” and Ingram Hill favorite “Miss Kennedy”.

More than one hour into the evening and AMMM is showing no signs of letting up. AMMM launch into a new song from their upcoming album “Forever 17”, following with a stirring cover of the Counting Crows song “Mr Jones” featuring Zack Mack’s raw vocals.

AMMM close out their main set with a few more cover songs including Pearl Jam’s “Black”, Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonite” and a riotous rendition of the Allman Brothers Classic “Midnight Rider” which really highlights the diversity and range of  Zack, Zach, and J.R.

Now joined on stage by Brent James and Frank Viele, AMMM closes out the evening’s music just the way it started with a fantastic cover of The Band’s “The Weight”, followed by a song that “makes the world go ‘round” Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”.  After the show Zack, Zach & J.R. head over to the merch table to shake hands and sign autographs for anyone who wanted one, showing some much welcome fan appreciation. 

Playing for the first time in Louisville, singer/songwriter Frank Viele provides the main support. Frank rolls out a dynamic and energetic set of original music that immediately lit up the room. Laughing, sharing stories about the songs, and clearly enjoying his time on stage Frank performs “How Dare You Say You’re Sorry” along with a new song that has premiered on this tour, “Honey” with Zack Mack accompanying on harmonica. Frank Viele ends his set with another new song, “If You Could Only Read My Mind” followed by his hit song “Broken Love Songs”.    

Joining the tour for a few dates starting here, in Louisville, Brent James of Brent James and the Vintage Youth opens the evening in a good way with a solid acoustic set including their well received â€œHurts So Bad (But Feels So Good)”. 

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Event Date: 16-MAR-2017