On the first night of a five day Michigan tour, Saving Abel made a stop Wednesday at the Token Lounge in Westland.

As most people talk about “Detroit Rock City,” Saving Abel says “Michigan Rock State.” For the great crowds that come out and support them each and every time they return to Michigan, the Token Lounge was no exception.  Their fans lined up outside to be a part of the night’s event.

The show had support from local bands, Party at a Funeral, Most Wanted, and Resistance. Picture Yes from Indianapolis, was next to take the stage.  This band has also been recently added to the Saving Abel tour.

By the time Saving Abel took to the stage, the crowd had already been primed for this energetic show.  As the curtains opened, the crowd immediately started singing along with the band.  The show consisted of songs from previous albums, along with the introduction of songs from their recently released album, Blood Stained Revolution. The crowd was entertained, as they also interacted with the band with fist pumps and high fives.  The show ended with their largely successful hit song, “Addicted.”

When the show concluded, the band members made sure to make time with their fans at the merchandise table.  They signed autographs and posed for photos for all fans that remained in the venue and were interested in meeting the band.  They continue to be one band that hasn’t forgotten those that let them do what they enjoy.

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