With Gemini Syndrome, at a packed house at The Mad Magician was Black Tide and local artists Revolution Broadcast, D-Railed, and Scarred Atlas.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, Gemini Syndrome has been compared to other legendary metal acts such as A Perfect Circle, Disturbed, and System of a Down. They are, however, so much more than any similarity implies. Their set was rife with all-consuming intricate guitar work courtesy of Rich Juzwick and Mike Salerno, dramatic and larger-than-life drums by Brian Steele Medina, and thumping rhythms of bassist Alessandro “A.P.” Paveri. Complementing the musicianship was the melodic and room-resonating vocals of former Otep guitarist, Aaron Nordstrom. The instrumental dark verses gave way to harmonious and downright melodic choruses. Sometimes it is a jarring arrangement … not so much as to interrupt the flow, but rather to keep the listener interested and guessing what might come next.

Black Tide played a set equally as powerful, an all-out audio assault of guitars and vocals from Gabriel Garcia, fellow guitarist Austin Diaz, Ronny Gutierrez on bass, and Cody Paige on drums. Formed in 2004 in Miami, Florida, their début album, Light from Above, was released in 2008 when Garcia was only 15 years old. They played songs from the range of their career, and it was easy to see the band has not limited themselves. They have evolved since that early release writing songs with elements of traditional metal, metalcore, and speed metal. As such, they can be categorized as a multi-talented and multi-genre rock band.

Revolution Broadcast, another local act, are young, both as members and as a band. They cite such influences as Mötley Crüe, Winger, Tesla, and Def Leppard as influences. It certainly shows through in their music… they even covered Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” They are a fun band, which seems to have a solid fan base among the late-teens/early 20s crowd.

D-Railed is a St. Louis based band formed in 2005 that boasts a multitude of influences. The band did some coast-to-coast and weekend touring in 2011 after recording three songs in Boston. They have opened for larger acts such as Drowning Pool, Dope, Static-X, Saliva, and Otep, among many others. This, along with touring and some extensive radio play on college and smaller stations, helped boost them onto the national scene. Its members are Tim Standridge (Lead Vocals), Jay Two Shay (Bass), Brian Casanover (Drums), Justin Ruesch (Guitar), John Thomas (guitar), and a permanent sixth member, the now-deceased Wolf, who was not only a band member, but graphic artist, promoter, and sound man who is honored at every show.

Scarred Atlas play heavy, melodic, and progressive metal. They are somewhat hard to categorize (a good thing!) as they have a number of influences which shine through, interweaving with one another in a harmonious way, none overpowering the other. The band is based out of Wentzville, Missouri (roughly 30 miles west of St. Louis) and is comprised of Cody Crum (lead vocals), Riley Sieve (drums), Giorgi Matveev (lead guitar), Tony Pepperoni (rhythm guitar), and John Wheatley (bass and backing vocals).

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