Friedman has recorded with Sound Horizon and Momoiro Clover Z and worked with artists such as Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan. He has a new solo record out called Inferno.

National Rock Review’s Mick McDonald talked with Marty Friedman about upcoming tours and his work and life overseas in Japan. Friedman’s passion still continues as he explores all corners of music and striving to the best musician and artist he can.

He talks about Cacophony’s Speed Metal Symphony, a profound thrash metal album with Jason Becker that set the bar for the genre those many years ago. Friedman explains the reason why he made the decision to leave heavy metal and explore different realms of music.

Friedman also talks about the process and the sound of his new record Inferno, from the tear-jerker ballads of “Undertow” to the modernized speed metal sound of “Inferno.”

He’s anxious to get on the road and catch up with his home country America, and show his American fan base the new album, one which he wrote for his home country.

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