The Nashville rockers arrived to The Bossanova Ballroom in Portland to turn up the heat on an already sweltering night.

Bad Seed Rising first took the stage to warm up the crowd. Fronted by vocalist Francheska Pastor, Bad Seed Rising is the youngest band ever to sign with Roadrunner Records and recently released their third EP in May titled A Place Called Home. With ages ranging from 13 to 17, this tenacious group proved that sometimes talent doesn’t come with age, and gave the audience a worthy performance beyond the level of mere teenagers.

Rounded out by Mason Gainer on guitar, Aiden Marceron on drums, and Louey Peraza on bass, they fulfilled their earned spot as opening act, and blew fans away with hard-hitting vocals and their rocking sound.

Adelitas Way was next to perform and kept the temperature rising. Vocalist Rick DeJesus sauntered on to the stage with a big smile to greet the crowd. Shortly after the first song, there was some feedback from the sound system. After the minor setback was fixed, the band was able to continue to play crowd favorites like “Sick,” “Criticize,” “Dog On A Leash,” and their most current hit “I Get Around” from their 2015 five song EP, Deserve This. Tre Stafford on drums, Robert Zakaryan on guitar, and Andrew Cushing on bass kept the crowd bouncing with their gritty Vegas style rock.

Last but not least, Red took the fog-covered black stage. With the opening song came blood-red lights covering the room. This dramatic effect was further boosted the raging atmosphere and Red had the entire crowd screaming, cheering, and jumping. Vocalist Michael Barnes ran about the stage making sure to engage the entire audience. Anthony Armstrong on guitars and Randy Armstrong on bass criss crossed the stage and played from each others risers, keeping everyone guessing at where they would end up next. Touring drummer Dan Johnson blended seamlessly with the band.

With the current tour supporting their 2014 release Of Beauty and Rage now complete, the band is off to hit some festivals after crossing the country to spread positive messages of faith and hope mixed within their music. Red has been encouraging audiences to give to World Vision USA a charity that provides clean drinking water to those who need it around the world.

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