Queensryche wrapped up their 2014 Dartboard Tour with two back to back dates in Harris, MI before returning home to Seattle, WA for one final show.

As one of the great progressive metal bands, Queensryche, has never been one to falter in the face of turmoil. The past year has found the band traveling around the world with a renewed sense of energy, passion, and determination. Their self-described Dartboard Tour had them hopscotching the globe playing a series of dates that included Sweden Rock, Cruise to the Edge, and Farm Rock with the world embracing their return to glory with arms wide open, horns up in the air.

The bulls-eye of this tour has been the state of Michigan with the band playing six shows there this year. The most recent and last of these was near the end of November when they traveled to the Island Resort and Casino in Harris, MI, in the state’s Upper Peninsula.

Cited by many publications as the most incredible musical comeback in the past years, Queensryche have certainly lived up to that honor with their live performances. New singer, Todd LaTorre, and guitarist, Parker Lundgren, are firmly entrenched in the lineup alongside founding members Michael Wilton (guitar), Eddie Jackson (bass), and Scott Rockenfield (drums). This lineup has garnered much respect and admiration from the fans along with their peers in the music industry. All eyes are on the band as they conclude their 2014 tour and return home to Seattle, WA to begin recording the new album to be released late next spring.

Queensryche played two shows here and were, as expected, nothing but a solid performance. The set list played each night on this tour hasn’t varied much with a majority of it covering the early years of the band. To hear these older songs played live again to perfection is amazing. The response from the crowd each night as “Queen of the Reich,” “Nightrider,” or “The Whisper” blast forth from the stage has been deafening. The performance they played Saturday was especially potent as Todd LaTorre delivered an emotionally powerful charged rendition of “Silent Lucidity,” which cut deep in to the heart of the crowd.

Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Todd LaTorre spent some time with Mick McDonald the morning before the second show to discuss their new Pledge Music Campaign and details of the different options available to the fans. Also discussed are the plans for touring in 2015, elaboration of why the band has chosen to selectively play certain cities only this year, and some humorous discussions on alternative Pledge Music awards.

Queensryche has one remaining date this year on December 5th at the Snoqualmie Casino in their home Washington state where they will be joined by Pamela Moore for another special homecoming show.

The ‘Ryche is back, the Empire returns!

Interview with Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Todd La Torre.

November 21/22, 2014

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Details of the Pledge Music Campaign can be found here.

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