2015 started bang for the Cincinnati and Covington city as rowdy fans converged at the Cincy Powerfest III.

Jan. 17, Shumatsucon presented the third annual Powerfest showcasing the best of Cincinnati, north Kentucky, and Wisconsin scene. The bill showcased Band of Pirates, Siegelord, Scarangella, Stagecoach Inferno, Lords of the Trident, Ford Theatre Reunion, and Automaton. The night was a fun display of death, Viking, prog metal, and modernized steam-punk. Since the first Powerfest the multi-genre event has promoted the most unique, diverse, and bizarre talent the area has to offer.

David Sugerman and Anthony Campbell formed Cincy Powerfest in 2013, to learn the process of booking, promoting, and building ties nationally with power metal acts. Strong promotion and friendship formed, and has become the business model for the event. This year brought diversity with local and regional acts, the focus being power metal. This years event was planned by Campbell and Knipe, booking agent Joe Grizzly, and was hosted by Matt Geisen at Shumatsucon.

Preshow started with Band of Pirates. The gang included Larry Sparrow, Rob Dorsey, Dave Francy, and Loren Muzzy. They were not without lady luck as Julie Langenderfer played the lady of the sea. Musical tales filled with dance, decadence and the only thing better than a lot of gold coins, Johnny Cash.

Their setlist included: Blow The Man Down, Hurt, My Girl, Shiver Me Timbers Shiver My Bones, All I know Is, I don’t Know Anything, Dead or Alive, and A Pirates Life for Me

Siegelord played loud, heavy, death metal. Growler/guitarist Ulfr (self-described as everyone’s favorite asshole), drummer Sieven, and bassist Warg brought forth the story of a new dark conqueror. Their upcoming release Ascent of the Fallen, each track on their upcoming album will serve as a chapter in their own original story. The album tells the tale of Ulfr, Sieven and Warg as they find themselves exiled from their home world for worshiping the savage war-god.

Their Setlist included: Fractured Pantheon, Gate Keeper, Unkillable (dedicated to Oderus Urungus), Destination of a Dying God, Slaughter the Beautiful, and Totem.

Scarengella played a unique crossbreed of prog and thrash, Dream Theater meets Meshuggah they started with the triumphant and true Power Rangers. “At Close Range” had some Pantera/Korn in the mix.

Their setlist included: Dragons, Wizards, Thunder and Shit, Through The Dream Gate, Trivium’s Down From The Sky, and When Fingers Clasp

From Louisville, Stagecoach Inferno, making their second fest appearance they opened with an Iron Maiden inspired, “The Dead and The Damned,” and was truly ‘death on the road’ Eddie style. For anyone that did them wrong, beware they brought the “Hammer & Tongs.” It was the law of the west, “Atonement” by hook, crook, punishment or payback. They ended on a tale about losing everything you loved in a circle pit with, “Black Blizzard.”

Lords of the Trident from Madison, WI, came to entertain and conquer. With a variety of props, costumes and singer Fang VonWrathenstein took to the crowd. Other motley brethren included Killius Maximus on lead guitar, the guitar playing ninja Asian Metal, the hooded father of death and bass Pontifex Mortis and the Dr. Vitus on drums.

Their setlist included: Knights of Dragons Deep, Complete Control, Face of the Enemy, Haze of the Battlefield, Hair of the Dog, Rock You Like A Hurricane, and Walk This Way.

A bizarre performance art played with keyboard, clarinet, drums, accordion and guitar. Ford Theater Reunion came to play games, led by the dangerously sexy, limber and possibly multi-personality of Alex Ford. Think Pink possessed by the spirit of Wendy O Williams as a contortionist. Ford Theater Reunion is Weird Al Yankovic meets the Missing Persons (who did play together once in April 1982). They threw down on “The Ballad of Buffalo Jones,” and was enough for a big top blow out.

Automaton is a steampunk band with singer David J. Sugerman’s aka Duncan Batchworth III, drummer Anthony Campbell aka Mechanic James O’Brian, Ryan Carney aka Captain Luther Meade, and Kenney Knipe aka Professor Markus Wolverhampton comprise the band. The idea involved a compelling stage show with acting, inspired by their favorite music (mostly Iron Maiden) and presented in a playful and adventurous story.

Their setlist included: Age of the Smokestacks, Hot Off the Press!, Stand and Be Counted, Dunc, Maverick, Journeymen, Construct, and Rise of the Ruined Nation.

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All images by Mike Ritchie
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