Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens on The World Tour stopped at Hammerstein ballroom in New York with guests PVRIS and Mallory Knox.

The first opening act of the show was PVRIS, with front woman Lynn Gunn doing her thing to catch the audience’s attention.

The second opening act, Mallory Knox, was a rock group from the UK on their first ever North American tour. What caught the fans’ attention most was when lead singer, Mikey Chapman, stopped in the middle of the show just to tell someone in the audience to stop pushing. Some bands don’t care to stop and ruin their show just to make sure the crowds are safe. The fact that he did that let the audience know that not only is Mallory Knox an awesome band, but he cares too. The crowd seemed to love the songs, so it was probably a good idea they gave it a shot in America.

When it was time for Pierce The Veil to take the stage, things got rowdy. A massive silhouette of the woman from their “Collide With The Sky” album cover draped in front of the stage on a white banner, resulting in many fans taking pictures of the famous banner. The banner then dropped and confetti fell to the ground as the band (Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jaime Precaido and Tony Perry) opened the show with one of their most popular songs “Hell Above.” The fact that they opened with this song was a big deal to many fans because the song is about being able to escape from the world with the lyrics “this is a wasteland my only retreat.”

One of the most spectacular moments was when the band performed “I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket.” This was the part of the show where Vic Fuentes brought out his acoustic guitar. After Vic sang, “Darling, let’s go inside/It’ll be alright..,” he paused and the crowd instantly began to sing next part of the song. After the crowd sang that entire part, Vic explained that he was just about to ask if the audience knew the words, saying how awesome everyone was for singing without him even asking first.

Sleeping With Sirens closed out the show with their set start starting off with small screens viewing images of the band and an intro song. Right after that, the show started off with their new single “Kick Me.” off their new album “Madness.” The whole band never failed to show how excited they were to be there, with all the band members (Kellin Quinn, Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, Jack Fowler and newest member Nick Martin) being energetic. Justin would come up to people at certain times, spinning his guitar while Nick would constantly be pointing to fans and giving them his guitar picks.

At one point in the show the band slowed things down, going acoustic for “Roger Rabbit.” and their cover of the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris.” During “Roger Rabbit,” Kellin was known for showing off his beat boxing skills, which he did that night as well. After that, they got right back into the new songs off of “Madness” singing “We Like It Loud.” followed by “Go Go Go.”

The band ended the show with fans’ favorites “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.” and “If You Can’t Hang.” The room was filled with flashing red lights and smoke as the last song finished. After throwing stage souvenirs to the audience, Justin, Gabe, Jack and Nick chugged down each their own can of Rockstar Energy Drink.

Tour Dates:
02/21/15 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
02/22/15 Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle
02/24/15 Miami Beach, FL – The Fillmore
02/25/15 Orlando, FL – House of Blues
02/26/15 Orlando, FL – House of Blues
02/28/15 Houston, TX – Bayou
03/01/15 Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
03/03/15 San Antonio, TX
03/04/15 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
03/05/15 Hidalgo, TX – State Farm Arena

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