Amanda Monahan spoke with Jay of Johnny Wore Black about his career, his influences, and more.

Jay, the frontman of Johnny Wore Black, has an interesting background when it comes to his career, or rather, careers. Interesting might be an understatement as, once you get a chance to talk to him, words like “amazing,” “compelling,” and “exciting” might be more fitting. Not only does Jay have a career in the music business with his post-punk/rock music, but he’s also a stuntman as well. He has appeared in Les Misérables, Fast and the Furious, and most recently, Fury.

His latest albums, Walking Underwater pt.1 (Mar 2014) and Walking Underwater pt. 2 (Nov 2014), tell a story through the songs themselves. Between the first and second album, you’ll notice a change in tone/mood. By the end of Walking Underwater pt. 2, you will feel as if a story began in the first album and completed in the second. David Ellefson of Megadeth collaborated on Walking Underwater pt.2, which has a unique sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd.

Jay was kind enough to take the time to speak to about his reasoning behind the albums, and further plans down the road for Johnny Wore Black.

Interview with Jay of Johnny Wore Black

Johnny Wore Black
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