Overkill and Symphony X, the powerhouse New Jersey duo, made a stop in Chicago on September 24th during their 2015 North American tour.
Symphony-X started out the night with a solid, groove filled set. Symphony-X is a powerful progressive metal band formed by Michael Romeo, one of guitar world’s top greatest ranked heavy metal guitarists of all time. Vocalist Russell Allen delivered the goods with his dramatic stage presence and powerful, harmonic voice while guitarist Michael Romeo shredded and literally bled for the crowd as there was quite a noticeable smear of red across the front of his pure white Gibson. Starting out with a few slower, danceable jams like “Without You” and progressing into heavier tunes such as “Set the World on Fire,” they were the perfect primer for the thrashing to come about from headliners.

After this epic one-hour-and-fifteen-minute set, there was an ample break before the face-melting set from the legendary headliners. Overkill is one the longest staying thrash metal acts that have wreaked havoc across the world since the early Eighties. Considered one of the originators of the genre, they have crossed paths with much of the metal world and held their own over the decades.
Filling our ears for another hour and fifteen minutes, with no breaks or signs of wear, it is hard to believe Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth is a man that has fought through some very serious health scares. This man has even suffered a stroke on stage, and still continues to erupt with energy in his performance, and shows no signs of slowing down. Overkill has a strong standing history with the city of Chicago and they know they must deliver when playing these parts. It was safe to say that no one in attendance left this venue disappointed that evening. They did an excellent job dipping into much of their many titles. Classic tunes like”Overkill” and “Powersurge” were played as well as new tracks were pulled off flawlessly.

If you get a chance to catch this tour, do yourselves a favor and go.

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