One Eyed Doll makes metal fun again with special guests, Stitched Up Heart and Run 2 Cover.

The One Eyed Doll Halloween tour played to an intimate crowd at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield, Missouri. With a multitude of props, audience participation, and an energy level set to overdrive, O.E.D. is changing what we expect a live metal show to be. Band members Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell, A.K.A., “Junior,” along with two very talented guest musicians are making metal fun again.

The Austin-based duo is touring the country in support of their 2015 release, Witches. This album is the latest of 10 full-length albums on their resume (five One Eyed Doll albums, four Kimberly solo albums and one under the name Ghetto Princess ).

Supporting O.E.D. on this tour is Stitched Up Heart from Hollywood California. Their lineup includes Mixi (vocals), Decker (drums), Merritt (guitar), Randy (bass), and Dorian (guitar).

The band performed tracks off their E.P., Skeleton Key, and new ones from the yet to be released full-length album, Stitched Up Heart. They exploded onto the ballroom stage, leaving most of us scrambling for more info on this powerful musical force.

Also on this leg of the tour is Run 2 Cover, a young trio from Phoenix Arizona. Brothers Brandon Iverson (drums/vocals) and Christian Iverson (bass/vocals) along with Colin Shaw (lead guitar/vocals) had the crowd bouncing with tracks from their debut album, Lovesick.

Opening the night was Springfield’s own Make Rocket Go, an indie trio made up of Michelle Sewell (vocals), Scott Jones (guitars/vocals), and Chris Lewis (drums).

A meet and greet ended this incredible evening. Members of One Eyed Doll and Stitched Up Heart signed autographs and posed for pictures with everyone that waited after the show, including our photographer Frankie Kuhl.

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