FFS, the melding of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, prove that collaborations do work with a lively set in Los Angeles.

FFS is a brilliant concept.  Take one quirky pop veteran of four decades, combine with the aughts art pop darlings, and turn their mutual admiration into a musical supergroup that highlights their similarities while remaining fresh.

FFS is a true collaboration, with Sparks’ Russell Mael and Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos sharing or trading vocals on every tune.  Even the few solo songs performed, such as Franz Ferdinand’s glorious “Do You Want To” and Sparks “The Number One Song in Heaven,” featured shared vocals. The shared vocal concept works, because Kapranos’ voice complements Mael’s famous falsetto perfectly.

The inclusion of solo material kept the show moving along at a brisk pace. The duo wrapped their set with Sparks’ “This Town Isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Us,” Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” followed by FFS’s exuberant anthem, “Piss Off.” The crowd was on their feet with sheer joy.

The show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles was a triumphant hometown show for Sparks, who earlier this year celebrated the 40th anniversary of their ground-breaking album, Kimono My House, by performing the album in its entirety with a 38-piece orchestra.

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