GWAR brings Richmond, Virginia into 2016 with an outrageous New Year’s Eve show with support from Occultist, Kepone and Rocket Queen.

When GWAR announced the lineup for this show, there were some concerns about the various bands being too dissimilar to share a concert bill. However, putting together a diverse music show is what GWAR does best. GWAR-B-Q, held over the last few years, is an excellent example. So is this New Year’s Eve event, Midnight In The GWARden Of New Year’s Evil. Only GWAR would put together a show with an indie rock, a crunk, and a Guns and Roses tribute band. The combination works because it gives everybody something they like.

The show started at 7:30 with the Richmond crunk band, Occultist. The show was their first in several months and their first time playing The National, a much larger venue than they typically play. The set was short but full of energy as they played several songs from Death Sigils.

Kepone, a side project of GWAR’s Michael Bishop played next, covering material from their three albums, Ugly Dance, Skin, and Kepone.

Rocket Queen was a surprise hit with the crowd as they played Guns N’ Roses classics, like “Rocket Queen” and “Paradise City,” as well as original material. People were singing along as the band played.

GWAR started their set with a two-piece, avant-garde version of themselves who played for a short time before being dispatched by GWAR. The theme of the show was “GWAR discovers the Internet and of course porn and drugs,” in which a large amount of crack was burned on stage. Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman, a Fox News anchorman, and an ISIS terrorist were also dealt with by GWAR in their unique way. There was not much in the way of a circle pit, but there were plenty of crowd surfers. At midnight, the confetti was released as the crowd and GWAR said goodbye to 2015.

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