GWAR is back on tour and brought their theatrical show to Pop’s with support from Butcher Babies, Battlecross, and St. Louis locals, Thorhammer.

Just over one year since the untimely death of frontman Dave Brockie, GWAR is back out on tour, and brought their signature blend of costumed science fiction themed mythology, social and political satire, and gallons of fake body fluids to a packed crowd at Pop’s. Fans–many of them wearing plain white t-shirts–crowded alongside one another along the barricade in front of the stage, each ready for the band to “decorate” their shirts with the variety of colored fluids. As the between-band music continued in the speakers, the crowd grew a little restless and began chanting, “GWAR, GWAR, GWAR!” The house lights dimmed and the band lumbered on stage, decked out in their individual costumes matching their onstage personalities.

Butcher Babies played just before GWAR, showing off their dynamic stage presence and strong vocals. The band came to Pop’s earlier this year (supporting Upon a Burning Body), and it seemed they made quite an impression–the crowd was as excited for this opener as they were for the headliner. Singers Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd spent a significant amount of time singing to the audience, and not just at them. Their love and appreciation for the fans was obvious and won them even more support this time through town.

Battlecross, a band based in Detroit, played second on the bill. They are another band who has played the St. Louis area more than once in the past year and are steadily building a solid fan base. Their music is as ferocious as their stage presence, yet the band showed sincere humility and thankfulness towards fans who visited them at their merch table before and after the show. One man had the band’s name tattooed across his forearm–something he was proud to show off to the public as well as the band.

St. Louis locals, Thorhammer, opened the show. Although they were pressed up to the very front edge of the stage (due to the other bands back lining their equipment), they still put on an energetic and powerful performance. Thorhammer successfully combines classic heavy metal with updated thrash, creating a perfect atmosphere for head banging.

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