Mastodon, Gojira, and Kvelertak provided a loud and loving musical embrace for their adoring fans that jammed into the Fillmore in Detroit.

Kvelertak, meaning “choke hold” in Norwegian, jump-started the crowd with their flammable mixture of speed and rage. It didn’t matter that nobody in the audience spoke Norwegian, as the slashing vocals of Erlend Hjelvik, combined with the frantic performance of the band, had fist and horns flying with abandon. Kvelertak’s performance held everyone in a vice grip and shook the hell out of them. It was a great way to super-charge the audience’s enthusiasm.

With the intensity rising in Detroit, Gojira unfurled a set of music rivaling the transformative powers of Shiva. Wave after wave of terrible beauty flowed over the crowd who devoured it with fervent need. The band rode the relentless drumming of Mario Duplantier as they played “The Axe,” “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe,” and “L’Enfant Sauvage.” The pit was old-school with people enjoying the physical release of the music.

From the gapping maw of all that is heavy, Mastodon emerged with their gleaming centipede of sound to enthrall and enchant the devoted. Creating their signature tapestry of rippling arpeggios, muscular bass lines, and astounding drum play, the band delivered an unforgettable set of music. They mixed in new tracks from Once More ‘Round the Sun including “Tread Lightly,” “Motherload,” and “High Road,” and provided a fine selection of tunes from their catalog with “Blasteroid,” “Ol’e Nessie,” “Megalodon,” and “Blood and Thunder.” The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd was mesmerizing. No Mr. Simmons, rock and roll is not dead.

After a heart-felt thank you from Mastodon drummer, Brann Dailor for coming out to enjoy the show, the song, “Pendulous Skins,” played as a tribute to the late Ikey Owens, who had contributed to Mastodon and recently passed away while on tour with Jack White. It was a poignant reminder that life is fleeting and should be savored.

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