Motor City fans of southern fried classic rock packed DTE for the chance to hear their hits, including Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird.

Both timeless artists whose classic music hits have spanned generations and delivered a stunning show that had the crowd riled and rocking long before the gates opened. Formerly known as Pine Knob Amphitheater, defiantly still referred to as such by many locals, is the among the top outdoor arenas to take in a concert. The evening found the parking lot full of tailgating fans early in the afternoon, grilling and chilling as they waited for the doors to open.

Steve Rodgers opened the evening with a half-hour set that showcased the heritage he gained growing up as the son of Paul Rodgers. His music stands on its own however, a pleasant mix of blues inspired guitar with tones of folk music reminiscent of Cat Stevens or Lou Reed. His first EP released in 2009 which garnered much acclaim and solidifying his mark in the music world on his own.

Bad Company is celebrating 40 years of rock and roll this year. Their self titled début album came out in 1974 and they’ve made history ever since then. This is a band that has never relied on gimmicks or over the top theatrics to have a good time. Just straight up rock and roll music that gets the crowd dancing and singing along from start to finish.

They came out strong with, Live For The Music and Feel Like Making Love,  setting the mood for this summer night. A veritable hit list followed with tried and true numbers comprising the majority of the 14 song set. This was the last night of the tour for them with Lynyrd Skynyrd and they certainly made the most of it.

Lynyrd Skynyrd headlined the night with their ass kicking Southern brand of raucous, swaggering jams that had the crowd on their feet from start to finish. Backed by a huge video screen showcasing footage of the band’s history, they came out rocking with Working for the MCA, I Ain’t The One, and Gone With The Breeze to open the set.

A sea of iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts wavered across the pavilion, beverage held high, as fans young and old sang along to every song in the set. There’s nothing more American rock and roll than a good old-fashioned Lynyrd Skynyrd show on a midsummer ;night to let loose and let loose they did.

The band was recently inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last March, an honor many felt long overdue. Closing out the night with the legendary Freebird only fueled the party that continued well in to the parking lot as the fans emerged, reluctant to head home.

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