Los Lonely Boys returned to Dallas with the up-and-coming artist, The Last Bandoleros.

Dallas concert goers don’t typically “do” opening acts. But the ones who came early jockeyed for position in front of the stage to see The Last Bandoleros.

The trio of singer/guitarists turned out to be exceptional musicians with a natural stage presence and flair for entertaining. Most of their ten-song set was reminiscent of the early Beatles, with some funk to make it interesting. Several songs were jam worthy, though their set ended too soon. It will be interesting to see how their career progresses.

Los Lonely Boys came out to a rousing ovation. The curtains opened and, as always, Henry Garza thanked Jesus for the chance to play music.

Bassist JoJo Garza launched into “Don’t Walk Away,” a Texas Blues song that ignited the crowd. Henry played an exceptional guitar solo, complete with Stevie Ray Vaughan mannerisms, making a terrific start to the concert. The hyped-up fans let them know they loved it, just as they did when Henry said, “It’s great to be back in Dallas!”

Family Night began as a cousin came out to play accordion on “Blame It On Me.” It went from blues to Texas Rock on “Give A Little More,” with Henry showcasing his talent with another excellent solo.

The band seamlessly switched from Texas to Southern Rock to everyone’s delight. Ringo Garza on drums got the chance to show his drumming prowess as he played with one hand and pounded the conga drum with the other on “So Sensual.” Henry added twangy playing on the strings in an extended solo, which had many women in the audience dancing along.

Showing their artistic range, the brothers switched to a darker, heavier tone for a Jimi-Hendrix inspired “Rockpango.” Another family member came out to play the conga, and all of the Garzas showed a tremendous stage presence as they interacted on stage, playing off one another.

“Hollywood” was a well-known fan favorite of Latino Blues and Chicano Rock. It quickly became a singalong song with great guitar work that segued into “Oye Mamacita,” a mostly instrumental song with Henry headlining. It is a beautiful song filled with character. The audience loved it; they danced and roared in approval.

Los Lonely Boys teased the crowd for a minute by playing intros to Michael Jackson songs. The women ate it up while the guys were begging them to stop. In a show of good taste, Henry said, “That’s enough of that!”

In another moment of familia, the sons brought out their father, Ringo Garza Sr. of Los Falcones, and their cousin again on accordion. They captivated the audience with an incredible conjunto song that moved into “Velvet Sky,” another singalong that turned into an extended jam.

They were all having fun now as JoJo banged the conga and Henry stole the show with a solo that played to the crowd. The band of brothers entertained as only siblings can as they got happy feet, danced and played off each other on “Crazy Dream.”

As always, the San Angelo natives said, “God Bless Texas,” before starting their final song of the evening, “Heaven.” Their biggest hit pumped up the crowd even more, and the fans sang every word. It turned into a long jam session which they finished on their knees, thanking the fans and playing “Deep In The Heart Of Texas.”

It didn’t seem like Los Lonely Boys played for more than two hours. The time went by quickly, as it always does at great concerts!

The brother band tours constantly and it shows; they have learned the art of putting together a concert. They play different styles and cross genres, keeping the fans interested and entertained.

The brothers Garza are all outstanding musicians, and each gets a chance to shine, sharing their love of playing during their performances. Through their music, they show their emotion, enthusiasm, and brotherly love.

Most in attendance were already fans, but many at the show became new fans this night. See them live and buy an album for some great music. It’s worth it!

Thanks to Kelly and all the House Of Blues staff for their help and service. Catch a show there and you’ll be well treated.

Joe Guzman (GuzPix) of National Rock Review was on hand to capture the event.

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