They are celebrating 30 years of music with a double album of re-recorded Bonfire classics, including collaboration with a symphony ensemble, via UDR/Warner released on March 25, 2016.

Some of the German metal bands that come readily to mind are the Scorpions, Warlock, and Accept. The other is Bonfire. Though popular in their home country, Europe, and Asia, they have more of a “cult” following in the US.

Bonfire was original known as Cacumen, a band which formed in Bavaria in 1979 and released four albums. 1986 saw the band change the name to Bonfire and release their first album, em>Don’t Touch The Light. In the 25 years since, the band released a dozen more studio albums, including its 25th-anniversary album, Branded, in 2011.

In 2015, the band changed significantly with a new lineup and a new album, Glorious. The new Bonfire lineup includes composer, guitarist, and mastermind Hans Ziller (guitar), David Reece (vocals), Frank Pané (lead guitar), Ronnie Parkes (bass and vocals), and Tim Breideband (drums).

With the new lineup in hand, Bonfire has announced a 30th-anniversary double album, Pearls, released March 18, 2016, via UDR/Warner.

Bonfire-Pearls-AlbumArtworkThe Pearls album is packed with music; 22 songs running 102 minutes featuring re-recorded fan favorites from the band’s 30-year history. Disc 1, titled “Rock Pearls,” features 13 tracks in their traditional rock music form. Disc 2, “Classic Pearls,” includes nine Bonfire songs rerecorded with the Italian Symphony-Ensemble.

The production quality for the songs on the Rock disc reintroduces fans to classic Bonfire with a bigger, fuller sound than the original. The disc includes favorites, such as “Strike Back,” “Sweet Obsession,” and “America Nights.” It also includes a rocked up version of “Sweet Home Alabama” from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hans Ziller’s favorite US band.

The Classic disc offers orchestrated versions Bonfire tracks, which give them a fresh sound especially for the ballads as “Give It a Try” and “If It Wasn’t For You.”

Overall, the album gives new life to their songs making the Pearls double album the perfect addition for a long time Bonfire fan or those looking to experience the band for the first time. The release does the band justice, and their music still sounds great!

Track Listing:
1. Strike Back
2. Under Blue Skies
3. Diamonds in the Rough
4. Proud Of My Country
5. Sweet Home Alabama
6. Don’t Go Changing Me
7. Sweet Obsession
8. American Nights
9. Good Time Rock `n’ Roll
10. Heat in the Glow
11. Can’t Stop Rockin
12. Down to Atlanta
13. Loaded Gun

1. You Make Me Feel
2. Give It a Try
3. Who’s Foolin’ Who
4. I Need You
5. Good Night Amanda
6. Southern Winds
7. If It Wasn’t For You
8. Why Is It Never Enough
9. Let’s Fly Away

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