Following the announcement of their first No. 1 single, country duo LoCash brought the party to their friends and fans in Grand Rapids.

With the country music industry still in a buzz over the announcement earlier in the week, it was still business as usual for Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of the country pop band, LoCash, as their bus parked outside The Intersection for the night’s celebration. Knowing how fast things change in the music business, there was no time to stop and absorb it. Instead, they did what they know how to do; keep touring and introduce their music to more people.

This evening in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the band’s 208th show of the year and has no signs of slowing down as they are preparing for a new winter tour with newcomers Ryan Follese and Michael Tyler starting in November and running into 2017.

LoCash entered the stage performing “Ain’t Startin’ Tonight” from their new full-length album, The Fighters, released back in June by Reviver Records.  The song being new to the eager crowd didn’t stop them from riding the upbeat tempo and raising the level of the party atmosphere inside the concert lounge.

Getting their start as songwriters beforehand, they received their breakout moment when Keith Urban recorded one of their penned songs, “You Gonna Fly,” and soared to No. 1 with it.

Continuing to be up above the clouds over the big push the week before and being notified of their first No. 1 hit, “I Know Somebody” on Billboard’s Country Airplay, the duo made a point to thank everyone in attendance for helping get the song to the top. Chris and Preston also wanted to thank their writing partner Rhett Atkins for assisting. With the crowd running in fast forward at this point, they helped out in singing the hit with their abundant energy.

During the fun tropical drinking party song, “Drunk Drunk,” the band stopped playing to let the crowd know they were singing it incorrectly. The crowd quickly made the correction and finished singing with the verse going “One Long Island, Two Long Island, Three Long Island, Floor” and not four.

Once again as songwriters, country music superstar Tim McGraw recorded and released one of the guy’s songs, “Truck Yeah.” The song became popular with the fans due to changing management companies during its release causing it to not get the proper attention it deserved as a single.

“Hey Hey Hey” is an outdoor country anthem released on the band’s debut album, LoCash Cowboys, in 2013.  As they continued through the song, they blended it with the rock band Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

The band played right into ZZ Top’s “Tush” as Chris and Preston introduced the band members and allowed them to show off their talents with solos.

Giving the rowdy crowd a break by slowing the mood down, Preston sat at a piano for the emotional ballad about being “Shipwrecked” on an island and only needing you.

Sitting at the edge of the stage surrounded by Chris and the rest of the band around him, Preston sang the TLC cover “Waterfalls” to the young ladies at the front against the railing.

The title track “The Fighters” is a theme song to all who face challenges and never back down. Chris and Preston dedicated the song to uniformed officials of all walks of life and ethnicities, military and civilian. Chris also took a moment to comment on recent shootings and anti-police sentiments by saying, “If you obey the law and do what you are supposed to do, you won’t get shot.” They added to the dedications that the song also goes out to the brave fighters that are battling cancer.

With everyone in the crowd and on stage still pumped and feeling energized, LoCash thanked the crowd one last time for coming out to the show and supporting them with their first No. 1 song. Because of all the success of their resurrected career over the last year with a new record label and the band’s name change, Chris and Preston are feeling more comfortable these days and helps them shout out “I Love This Life.”

Watching the crowd’s reactions throughout the evening, it was evident that not all were aware of some of the band’s achievements beyond the new album. They figured it out by the end of the show; the line to the merchandise table stretched quite a ways.

Earlier in the evening, the show started off with the ever popular DJ Jay Vee spinning all the top country tunes with a distinctive blend of dance licks.

Grand Rapid’s own country band, Union Guns, kicked off the live music version of the show. The played a set list full of rock and country cover tunes, like “Should Have Been A Cowboy” and  “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love” along with original songs such as the ballad, “Every Time She Cries.” 

Union Guns consists of frontman lead singer and guitar player Jake Mellema, Frank Pop on bass guitar, Douglas James on lead guitar and Scott Gentry on drums.

Next up was Brian Lorente and The Usual Suspects of Lansing, Michigan. They performed covers like “She’s Country” and “Die A Happy Man,” and introduced a new original “Soundtrack” before ending with their signature song, “2:45.”

Besides Brian Lorente on lead vocals, The Usual Suspects are Kurt Daughterty on guitar, Buddy Sebastian on guitar, Jerome Leach on bass guitar, and Gayde Watson on drums.

You can stream The Fighters, the latest album from LoCash, on Amazon.

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LOCASH set list:
1. Ain’t Startin’ Tonight; 2. You Gonna Fly (Keith Urban); 3. Alll Day; 4. I Know Somebody; 5. Drunk Drunk; 6. Ring On Every Finger; 7. Truck Yeah (Tim McGraw); 8. Hey Hey Hey – Pour Some Sugar On Me; 9. Tush (ZZ Top cover); 10. Shipwrecked; 11. Waterfalls (TLC cover); 12. The Fighters; 13. I Love This Life