Emerging from ocean depths after five long years, Dagon rides a typhoon of melodic death into the Avenue Café in Michigan’s capital.

Dagon chooses their hometown of Lansing, Michigan and the Avenue Café to host a metal show featuring some of Michigan’s finest bands. The energy in the room is palpable as the bands load in and Cacophonous Incantation takes to the stage.

Hailing from the battle tested streets of Flint, Cacophonous Incantation is off to an auspicious start with hair flying along with the rampage of deathly thrash. The grit and determination of their hometown infuse the music with hard biting ferocity. These guys put on a hell of a performance encouraging the crowd to join in the mayhem. Put this band on your list of must-see metal bands in Michigan.

Detroit’s Hate Unbound taxes the circuits at the Avenue Café causing the stage to lose power on their first song. With a short reset, the band is off to a blistering pace. The group makeup has shifted with Frank “The Foot” Hannah (drums) joining Art Giammara (vocals), Sean Demura (bass), Daryl Mitchell (guitar), and William Cundiff (guitar). The lineup change retains the intensity and technical prowess expected from a Hate Unbound performance. They play a pant load of new material as well as vicious cuts from their self-titled demo including the anthem “Revolt and Destroy,” which receives loud appreciation from the crowd.

From Blue To Gray are back in Lansing in support of their Abstention of Interference album, out now on Luxor Records. “Tight and punishing” just touches the surface of the outstanding performance by this band. Fingers nimbly fly across the fretboards of guitarists Tim Drexler and Dave Jaber as they execute surgical riffs designed for maximum sonic vitality. The primeval anguished vocals of Dale Fewless combined with the deft and enticing rhythms of Jordan Myers (bass), and Dan Graham (drums) command the attention of everyone within the Avenue Café.

A feeding frenzy begins around the stage as Dagon begins their set. The crowd is completely enthralled with this band from the first thrashing minute of their set. Dagon sinks their teeth deep into tunes off their Terraphobic album with a smattering of songs from their other releases. The crowd sings along with “Human Chum” and the chorus of “To The Drums We Rise.” A few hearty souls launch themselves across the stage to dive into the crowd nestled close to the band.

Each member of Dagon is clearly having fun and are ecstatic with the reception they receive from the audience. Bassist Randy Ladiski’s guttural roar compliments the savage vocal witchery of Jordan Batterbee (drums) delivering an outstanding combined oral attack. Meanwhile, Chris Sharrock and Kris Finison trade off blazing solos and machine gun riffs with deadly accuracy as fans join them with air guitars in hand.

Dagon finishes up their set to a boisterous chorus of cheers from the crowd. From start to finish, this show at the Avenue Café was stacked with a phenomenal wealth of talented musicians playing with passion for the music they love. This passion translated into a vivid performance of metal music that rivals any national touring act that has passed through this area to date.

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Event Date: 21-Oct-2016

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