Stone Sour blow the roof off with a power-packed set along with support from Halestorm and The Dead Deads.

The Dead Deads, led by Meta Dead on guitar and lead vocals, open the show to a very warm reception.  Their music crosses many genres including punk, rock, and alternative and the audience is truly loving it judging from the huge applause.   They are touring in support of a recent release Sketches & Animation, and several songs, including “Ghosts” and “Push Me,” are in the set tonight.  They also play the fast-paced, punk-influenced song “Blackout, along with “Murder Ballad”, “Space”, and Sympathy Sex” from their 2016 release For Your Obliteration

The band went through several changes over the last year with two new members, Dolly Dead on guitar and Johnnie Dead on drums.  Johnnie is a phenomenal drummer, and quite a sight to see as her dreads fly about while beating the skins.  The band also includes Daisy Dead on bass and vocals.  They close out their set with “Nope” from their 2014 album Rainbeau.  They have won over some new fans judging from tonight’s reaction.

Rockers Halestorm are up next, and many in the crowd seem to be here to see them as much as the headliner.  They take the stage to deafening cheers.  It’s been awhile since they released their last album, so to change things up they open the show with a new song “Black Vultures”.  Lead singer and guitarist Lzzy Hale commands the stage with her presence.  She is sporting a mohawk and wearing some very high heal platform shoes.  Not an easy feat to accomplish why rockin’ out singing, playing guitar, and working the whole stage.  The fans love it.

The set tonight is full of songs from across their three albums.  They waste no time getting the crowd fired up with songs like “Love Bites (So Do I)” and “Mz. Hyde”, before slowing it down for “The Reckoning” and “Amen”.  It’s a brief change of pace as they launch into a searing cover of Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night” that showcases Lzzy’s soaring vocals and screams.  In addition to Lzzy on guitar, Joe Hottinger attacks the fretboard, tearing through leads while his long hair flies about.  Providing the powerful bass is Josh Smith.

A piano is wheeled out and Lzzy jumps into a solo cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” that truly shows off her vocal talents.  That is followed by another great vocal performance of “Dear Daughter” from their 2015 release Into the Wild Life.  Then it’s back to the hits, as they run through “Apocalyptic”, “I Am the Fire”, “I Get Off”, “Freak Like Me”, and the blistering “Mayhem.”  At one point during this run, drummer Arejay Hale does a killer drum solo complete with extremely oversized drumsticks.  They close out their set with “I Miss the Misery” to thunderous applause.

The lights dim and Stone Sour from Des Moines, IA hit the stage with loud cheers that are further amplified when lead singer Corey Taylor walks out.  They are currently touring in support of their 2017 release Hydrograd, that is still getting plenty of air time.  They kick off their set with the ripping song “Taipei Person/Allah Tea” and “Knievel Has Landed” from that album.

The sound tonight is tight and clean and further showcases the talent in this band.  Corey is one of the hardest working artists in the music business between Stone Sour, Slipknot, solo music, and guest appearances.  You can tell by the smile on his face and energy he exudes that he loves what he does and appreciates his fans.  Christian Martucci on guitar is non-stop all over the stage.  Ray Mayorga is a machine on the drums, pummeling away the driving beats.  Not to be outdone, Johny Chow on bass lays down the solid bass groove, while also engaging the fans with poses and smiles.  Their other guitarist, Josh Rand, had to drop off due to an emergency, but has enlisted a friend for the tour.

They follow the killer start with some of their most popular songs from previous albums including “Made of Scars,” “Say You’ll Haunt Me,” and “30/30-150,” before slowing things down with “Hesitate” and “Tired”.  Picking up the pace again, they jump into “Rose Red Violent Blue”, and follow that with “Do Me a Favor,” “Song #3,” and close out with one of their biggest hits, the platinum certified “Through Glass”.

Returning to the stage for an encore, Corey gets the crowd going with some repeat chants to the intro for “Absolute Zero.” As the crowd starts heading for the exits, they launch into one more song, “Fabuless” from Hydrograd.  During the song they inflate several large tube men that flail about while the band closes out a great night of rock and metal.  This a tour well worth the price of admission.

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Event Date: 10-FEB-2017