It Lies Within headlines The Machine Shop in Flint, MI, with a supporting lineup of upcoming Michigan bands.

Photographer Barry Fagan captured the night as the Michigan bands of tomorrow took the stage. As usual, fans of It Lies Within swarmed the venue. Especially in recent years, the band has cultivated quite the local and national following, likely due to their uplifting lyrics and metal sound.

Meridians, performing their second show at The Machine Shop, truly brought the rock. Although they are a lesser known band, the audience responded with incredible enthusiasm to their set.

Givensix was next and are known for their thought-provoking lyrics and diverse musical abilities. This band, local to Flint, MI, has been gaining traction in the Michigan metal fandom at a rapid rate. Their talent is genuine, as is their enthusiasm for the music they produce. The kind of passion Givensix brings to the table shone through their performance, and the crowd noticeably fed off of their energy.

Final Confession rocked The Machine Shop. They are a band known for their positive message and their wide range of a fan base. Their energy was unparalleled.

Harlow is a Detroit-born hard rock/alternative band. With an intense sound backing their incredible talent, this band can do no wrong, which is especially true in the eyes of local fans. There’s just something audiences love about a local band, and it was made abundantly clear by their response as they sang along and cheered the band on.

Although A Hero’s Heart had recently gained a new bass player, Stefan Kern, that didn’t stop them from producing a sweet, metal sound as they closed out the performance at The Machine Shop. Of the bands performing, A Hero’s Heart definitely was more of the metal deathcore genre. They were the perfect end to an all around incredible show, and the vocalist’s screaming combined with the steady guitar, drum, and synth coming in through the background got the audience’s blood pumping to warp up the night.

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