Ashestoangels make an eagerly anticipated return to The Louisiana in Bristol, where a packed out hometown crowd awaits them.

Local band Montroze kicks off the proceedings this evening. The energetic pop-punk group have a sound which is reminiscent of the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco all rolled into one. The band’s set centres around their two EP’s with tracks like “Walking Contradiction”, “Saintly If You Say” and “The End Game” all featuring.

However, it is “Fit For A King” which really stands out in the set – it’s a bit rockier and sees frontman, Jason Bishop quite literally bouncing off the other guys in the band. Montroze’s new single “Somewhere I Belong” sounds good too, before the band finish with “Underperformer”. Montroze leaves the Bristol crowd suitably warmed up for the night ahead.

As Sirens Fall are certainly favourites with the Ashestoangels team, and immediately it’s easy to see why – they are a perfect fit on this bill and have many fans among the crowd. The band’s intro music rolls, as they make their way through the audience to take to the stage. As Sirens Fall immediately launch into the driving rock beat of “Where You Are”.

The band certainly gel well together, they are incredibly tight with each member having perfected their craft. The crowd are jumping and clapping along as the band break into “State Of The Artist”, which features some great vocals from frontman Mikey Lord.

As Sirens Fall’s set is made up of many catchy numbers which seem to sweep up the crowd and win over new fans in the process. New song “Like Vultures” is a classic in the making. On the other hand “Lonely Tomorrows” from The Hospital Party EP has a much more melodic sound to it. Ashestoangels frontman Crilly joins the band for a great version of “Smoke” which brings their superb set to an end.

Ashestoangels arrive in Bristol as part of a short tour to promote their combined The Winter Split EP, which was recorded alongside As Sirens Fall. The concept behind the EP being that each band records one song, then each band cover one of the other’s songs.

The band’s classical intro sees Crilly (vocals), Josh Jones (guitar), Adam Falkor (guitar), Chris Kiddier (bass), Nikki Kontinen (keys) and Jim Baber (drums) take to the stage and launch into “Horror Cult”, which is a very strong opening number and sets the mood for the rest of the evening. This is immediately followed by “Not In My name” which certainly gets the fans jumping and crowd-surfing ensues.

The crowd hangs on every word of “Tragic Songs” from their new EP and it certainly hasn’t taken the fans long to learn the words to the new material featured tonight. Throughout the show, Crilly often takes the opportunity to get up close and personal with the audience, but chooses to crowd-surf during the latter. â€œI could Never Miss You” is followed by “Bury Us All In Black”, which features some screaming vocals and blistering guitar too.

Ashestoangels set really flows and features a good mix of songs. Each number is played with the passion we have come to expect. The whole band are obviously enjoying themselves and this certainly comes across in their live performance. The band’s frontman Crilly tells the crowd “This could be my favourite gig of the year – and we played Download”, he seems to be genuinely overwhelmed that the crowd are singing along to every song.

The band pick up the pace with “Chases”, which features some great guitar riffs from Falkor. As Siren’s Fall frontman, Mikey Lord returns to the stage and joins the band for “Bones Pt 2” and stays for “Down We Go”. Ashestoangels calm down the proceedings with “Ghost In The Machine”.

The band take the fans back in time with “Ugly Club” before “Graphic” follows. Crilly informs the audience once again that he loves this crowd stating “I am so proud to be at home with you”. The crowd are pumped up during “Dorian”, whereby some eager fans even manage to join Ashestoangels on stage. The energetic “Six Six Six” closes the show and results in the formation of a mosh pit from the band’s dedicated fan base.

Tonight Ashestoangels delivered a fantastic high-energy set, to their hometown crowd and their fans loved every moment of it. The band obviously feel the same way too – Crilly taking every opportunity to join hands and interact with the crowd throughout. Ashestoangels are so incredibly infectious, you can’t help but be swept away by them. This band deserve to be much bigger, get out and see them if you can, you won’t regret it.

Photos: Donna Coombs

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