The Graveltones bring their blues-tinged surge of rock n’ roll energy and power to Glasgow’s King Tuts, which resonates and vibrates right through you.

Australian duo The Graveltones have built up quite a following over the past several years and with an EP, a couple of cracking albums behind them, and some newer material they have a very impressive set of tunes to choose from. The band never leaves fans disappointed when they perform and tonight was no exception, even with guitarist Jimmy O protectively booted up with a broken foot!

The Graveltones start with all instruments blazing with opener “To What It’s Not”, immediately launching with their trademark heavy drum and guitar sound. The volume is so loud you can feel the vibrations and this didn’t let up at any time during the night. Old Crowd favourites “Forget About the Trouble” and “Off The Shelf” had the place bouncing before Jimmy O’ explains breaking his ankle when being run over while loading an Amp into a taxi. “The codeine is working”, he added.

A string of songs from 2015 album “Love Lies Dying” sees the most amazing chemistry between drummer Mikey Sorbello and Jimmy O’. One could think they have telepathic abilities as every now and again they look at one another and have this connection. The electricity and power that The Graveltones produce playing live surges into the audience and the surroundings you can’t help but feel like a huge part of the performance with them.

The Superb “Catch Me On The Fly” from the band”s first album “Don’t Wait Down” sees Sorbello pounding the skins like his life depended on it. The crowd sings along with Jimmy O’, and is a certain highlight of the night.

Things slow down for “Good To Ourselves” where we are treated to Jimmy O’s gritty lower vocal registers. The superb “Crime To Be Talking” also sees a quieter moment, and Sorbello can be a little bit more delicate with some very neat tricks and percussion techniques. This changes when the pace picks up mid song and Jimmy O” lets it rip on the guitar with some amazing distortion. You could feel the vibration going through you. It seemed as if the volume had gone to 11!

The frantic pace continues with the highly energetic Bang Bang which had the crowd nearly at fever pitch. Jimmy O” fittingly pays tribute to the late Scottish musician Alex Harvey before finishing the main set with “Fancy Things”.

In the encore The Graveltones finish the night with their classic EP song “Blamin It On You”. If there is a song that sums up The Graveltones high energy and power live, this would be one of them and a great way to end the night.

Jimmy O’ could have been forgiven to grab a stool for the night and rest for much of the performance, but nope. With protective footwear to make things more comfortable and pain killers, Jimmy did give it a great go and did move around, albeit a bit gingerly at times. The only thing that was missing was Jimmy”s air jumps with his guitar. This did not take away at all from a highly charged and energetic set in King Tuts.

There is no other duo who have the chemistry and bond that The Graveltones have and to me, this is what sets them apart from the rest. The raw pounding power from Sorbello and the distorted guitar sounds Jimmy O’ generates also sets them apart, with an energy and electricity that makes you literally feel the music vibrating through you. The Graveltones will make you feel alive.

The Graveltones
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