General Bastard destroys the Third Street Dive in Louisville with Stagecoach Inferno, The Jereactors, Automaton and Godawfuls.

Completing the last few stops of a 30 Date US tour, surf-thrash metal group General Bastard headlined a Pre-Halloween show at Louisville’s Third Street Dive. The General, wearing Camouflage and sporting the classic Luchador mask, was in fine form as the rattled thru a number of songs opening with “American Dream” along with “Casey Anthony” the theme song from horror movie classic “Thankskilling” and “You Can’t Touch This”.

During the show, General Bastard let everyone know that he has a Celebrity Stalker, none other than Paul Stanley from Kiss along with his impersonation of some voice messages that Paul has left for him. He also proclaimed that the more you drink, the better we sound and the better we look before rolling into “When you’re Horny you’re Horney”!

Showcasing amazing guitar skills The General was playing many of the solos up and down the neck of his guitar as they finished the almost 60 Minute set with a song he introduced as the four things you need to know in life “Find’em, Feel’em, F**K’em and Forget’em” that saw  Lester Bolles of The Jereactors joining in on Vocals.  It was a great show and a treat for everyone in the room to experience General Bastard first hand.

The main support for General Bastard was Louisville’s own Stagecoach Inferno and their Wild West heavy metal.   Since It was a pre-Halloween show and costumes were encouraged, the guys jumped on stage all wearing Horse Head masks which definitely had everyone smiling and laughing.

Not to take away from their show and music but the almost 60-minute set was powerful featuring heavy bass chords, clean guitar riffs and hard hitting classic metal vocals – they were tearing it up all evening. Those in attendance were really into the show, crowding the small stage, singing and fist bumping the band members and generally having a great time. It was a live show and a great to experience. Stagecoach Inferno is Hunter Correll – Bass/Vocals, Brennan Ray – Guitar/Vocals, Stephen Casciato – Guitar and Thom Hammerheart – Drums

Ending the evening was local Louisville punk/thrash group The Jereactors.  This was already announced as their last show of 2015, but that didn’t stop them from delivering a great set of original music that was a perfect end to a perfect night. The Jereactors are Lester X Bolles – Bass/Vocals, Jimmy Shithead – Guitar/Vocals, and Eskoria Toxico – Drums/Vocals

Earlier in the evening Cincinnati-based Steampunk metal group Automaton performed a wild set of original music.  In keeping with the Halloween costume theme, many of the band had dressed up for the show with the exception of the lead singer who evidently didn’t get the memo (Or so he said). Their music was loud, hard and fast as evidenced by the drummer putting his stick thru his snare drum mid-way thru the show.

Towards the end of their set The band acknowledged the recent passing of a friend and brought the members of Stagecoach Inferno on Stage to sing a song dedicated to Connor –It was a great moment. Automaton is Members: The Airship ‘Initiative’ crew: Duncan Batchworth III – the ship benefactor – Vocals Captain Luther Meade – Guitars Mechanic James O’Brian – Drums Isaac Grimwood (stowaway) – Bass Professor Markus Wolverhampton – Guitars

Starting off the evening the right way with a strong set was Louisville-based Punk group Godawfuls

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