Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown rock the Zanzaba with Johnny Conqueroo and Otis.

02-Sep-2016: Taking a quick “right turn” from their supporting role on the current leg of the AC/DC tour, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown dropped into Louisville’s Zanzabar, delivering a powerhouse of a set for some fortunate fans.

Headlining club dates meant that Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown could let their hair down and play material they would not typically perform in a national tour support role. Tonight’s set featured songs from their recent EP, The Wayside, and a rip-roaring rendition of Muddy Waters “Got My Mojo Workin'” almost too much for the Zanzabar to handle. Recently, Classic Rock magazine named the Tyler Bryant cover, “Mojo Workin’,” one of the 40 Best Songs of 2016 So Far.

One of the notable moment in his set was Tyler’s performance of “Poor Boy’s Dream” sans a microphone with Noah and Graham playing tambourines. The smaller venue, the soft but bright sound of the tambourines, and Tyler’s voice unplugged provided an intimate glimpse into the soul of the band.

Towards the end of the set, Caleb leapt from behind his kit to the front of the stage with his big bass drum. Tyler joined him, and the guys completed a stirring and ripping rendition of “Lipstick Wonder Woman” that brought smiles to everyone around.

While Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown’s songs have a bluesy vibe, their set was pure rock n’ roll. The guys were tight and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. All in attendance enjoyed the music and the band’s outstanding performance.

After the show, Tyler signed CDs, took pictures, and talked music with anyone who approached him. It is great to see an artist both fan friendly and appreciative.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown are Tyler Bryant on guitar and vocals, Caleb Crosby on drums, Graham Whitford on guitar, and Noah Denney on bass.

Providing support was a couple of great local Kentucky blues bands.  Lexington, Kentucky-based Johnny Conqueroo and their vintage blues-rock sound provided the main support. The band sounded great playing an energetic set, featuring the guitar and vocal work of Grant Curless along with drummer Wils Quinn and bassist Shawn Reynolds.

Kicking us into high gear tonight was Edmonton/Glasgow, Kentucky-based Otis. Their 30+minute set of heavy blues included “Let Your Love Shine Down” and “It was a Dream.” Otis is Boone Froggett (guitar and  vocals), Steve Jewell (guitar), John Seeley (bass), and Andrew Gilpin (drums)

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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown set list:
“Weak N Weepin,” “Criminal Imagination,'” “House on Fire,” “Downtown Tonite,” “The Wayside,” “Loaded Dice & Buried Money,” “Mojo Workin,” “Aftershock,” “Poor Boy’s Dream,” “Lipstick Wonder Woman,” and “House That Jack Built”