Into the Void bandA record number of fans attended the Global Black Sabbath Convention at The Rock Shop in New York City on March 30, 2014, to gather with others who share their love of all things Black Sabbath. Members came as far away as Brazil, Alaska, Florida, and Montana. There were VIPs and local businesses involved in the convention.

The convention consisted of two events; a morning meet-n-greet, and the evening festivities featured a double-bill made up of two very different Black Sabbath acts: Phil Jakes, Into the Void.

Global Black Sabbath Convention is a group of Sabbath fans that get together sharing their love for the music of Black Sabbath. The cornerstones of GBSC are the Black Sabbath tribute bands from around the world.  Tribute bands have played for many years without recognition in local venues. GBSC links up with these bands and brings the fans together so their music is enjoyed and shared by all.

GBSC is different. It celebrates all eras of Black Sabbath; the Ozzy years, Ronnie James Dio, and the many singers and drummers over the history of this legendary band. Black Sabbath pages in general have many people arguing. GBSC rarely experiences disagreements and has designed a mission statement that reflects their beliefs. The history of Sabbath fan clubs has not been a good one, but GBSC offers a friendly alternative that brings fans together.

In a world of virtual realities, GBSC has become the Master’s of Reality as they brought their first convention to one of the most famous cities in the world; New York City. Three out of the four administrators traveled to NYC to the convention for a morning meet and greet. It was held in the hotel conference room at Best Western Prospect Park Hotel. This meet and greet was put on by Hollis Audio Labs and featured Laney vintage hand wired amplifiers.

Later on that evening at The Rock Shop, the convention started to a roar. There were several vendors on hand. La Bella Strings displayed their strings which are used by Tony Iommi. Heavy Leather NYC, whose handmade Rock Star guitar straps are used by Black Sabbath, Lemmy, and Johnny Winter, was there as well. In addition, the luthier of Tony Iommi’s replica Monkey, Lou Moritz, was on hand with his guitar, which is used extensively by Iommi himself.

GBSC brought the best tribute bands in the country, which were both unique in their presentations. The first act was Phil Jakes, who plays in a unique finger-style acoustic method. When Phil sat down to play, everyone knew the maestro had come. Phil played a thirteen-song set, which had the audience singing along to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Jakes did a beautiful rendition of Sabbath’s song, Changes, with Ricky Woods of Into the Void. Phil ended the set with the classic song, Heaven and Hell. Ben Fahl, administrator, said this was a wonderful spell-bound set, and one of the many highlights of the night. Jakes recently released his premier CD of these songs, titled A Bit Of Fingerstyle; The music of Black Sabbath for Solo Guitar.

After Jakes, Into the Void took the stage and ran through an amazing set of many Sabbath songs the average fan would never get to hear. Into the Void features Ricky Woods (Vocals), Aaron Kipness (Guitar), Martin Beck (Bass), and Tom Capobianco (Drums).

Into the Void’s philosophy is to recreate the sound of Sabbath note for note, a task they accomplished quite well. Ben Fahl later said what an honor it was to have such a band play so superbly and he stated he was transported back in time as if Black Sabbath themselves were on the stage. Into the Void played a full 99-minute set pulling out all the stops.

The Rock Shop experienced a record crowd that night and provided an intimate setting that was filled wall to wall with screaming and partying Sabbath fans. The convention ran smoothly, under the management of the administrators, making the fans bond together creating a wonderful atmosphere.

For the future, GBSC plans to have possible conventions in the US and Brazil bringing their operation to other fans across the globe. GBSC is about the fans and the music, which will never end, and can be enjoyed for ages to come.

If you are a Sabbath Fan, join them on Facebook to keep up with future events: GBSC Facebook Page

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