It is a “TV Party” in Sin City with Keith Morris and Flag headlining the Punk Rock Bowling Festival.

Just when one would think that the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas couldn’t pull off anything bigger than last year, the festival returned to Sin City for its 18th installment and featured its biggest line-up to date. And if the droves of punks who descended onto the site were any indication, it was yet another success.

Day one saw the reincarnation of Black Flag, known as simply Flag, headline. The band includes former Black Flag members, founder and original vocalist Keith Morris, and band alumni, Chuck Dukowski and Dez Cadena. Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (Descendents) round out the lineup.

The day also featured great sets from UK legends The Exploited and the Subhumans, hardcore stalwarts Youth Brigade, and Noi!se. California punk legends J.F.A also delivered a strong set of some of their SoCal skate punk classics.

Day two featured the Descendents, as well as the Buzzcocks and the Dwarves.

Flogging Molly headlined the third and final day, but not before Face to Face, Dag Nasty, and Strung Out delivered the punk rock goods.

Punk Rock Bowling once again outdid itself and left everyone already looking forward to seeing what the festival has in store, not only for next year but hopefully another eighteen more.

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