Dwight Dickinson, from Gresham Oregon takes the stage, and The Sandy Hut to a whole new level, with his honky-tonk ballads and a surprise visit from Colonel Mustafa.

Dwight Dickinson brought his band of talented musicians to The Sandy Hut along with the best punk bands in support of his Dwight Christmas Show. Mr Plow wrapping up the year before he hits the studio to record new material. Playing some of his fan favorites, “Biscuits and gravy,” “Fuck your face,” and North Portland’s favorite “Glory Hole.” The extended set and an encore, Mr Plow fired right back at hecklers and punks shouting out “Charades!” the safe word from his last show.

Public Bulimic Limited, they are not your typical punk band and not for the faint of heart. PBL is rising in the Portland Punk scene supporting acts like Dwight Dickinson. The members Eddie Kancer (God Bless America, Dwight Dickinson) playing lead Guitar and vocals, Smutlord playing bass, vocals, and drums, and Rock God Stu on Drums, Bass, Vocals.

God Bless America, a surprise invasion of Colonel Mustafa a middle eastern sheik displaying anti-American psycho babble, walks on to the stage while GBA is in the middle of thier set, taking guitarist Pat Riots mic and harasses the fans and patrons of The Sandy Hut even calling Eddie Kancer, “The Great Satan.” This was completely unexpected and rude. Not even security could stop this lunatic and his antics. But Eddie Kancer and GBA kept their cool, and it did without missing a beat. Eddie Kancer had shown Col. Mustafa that GBA wasn’t going to stand for that and was there to defend freedom and the Right to Party. GBA is Eddie Kancer (Vocals, Supreme God-Emperor for Life), Fluffy Kettering (Bass, People’s Commissar of Misinformation), Captain Mittens (Drums, Cuddles), The Reverend Pat Riot (Guitar, Screams, Troll-King).

Raw Dog and The Close Calls are Kyle Page on vocals and guitar, Paul Calhoun on vocals and Bass, and Seth Troublefield on drums and vocals. Raw Dog and The Close Calls hit the stage and maintained a powerful rhythm and tempo, as well as intensity through out their set. With new material and a release soon, this is one hell of a band, great songs an timeless material.

Dwight Dickinson, king of the Country sound from Gresham, Oregon. He is determined to destroy hipsters and bring down the liberal establishment one song at a time. Dwight closed the evening and played to a enthusiastic audience. Once on stage with a cautious swagger, he bent over and picked up his guitar, pulled the strap over his shoulder and strummed out the intro to, “I don’t where my wife beater for nothin.” and the room erupted into a Dwight Christmas cheer. Dickinson’s songs are manly American and written in the first person, singing about the American and Texas way of life. Dwight Dickinson rocked Portland for Dwight Christmas. His philosophy is simple, know your place, don’t talk back, and if you don’t drink bud on the fourth of July, the terrorist might be you.

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