Doyle performs at the Tonic Lounge in Portland, OR and all hell broke loose leaving the audience in Gehenna.

Doyle is former-Misfit and punk rock superhero, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar, Alex Wolfman Story on vocals, Anthony “Tiny” Biuso on drums, and Left Hand Graham on bass. Doyle’s latest release, Abominator, is a collaboration between Doyle and Story and it is brilliant. All of the tracks on Abominator are powerful and packed with tales of a sick and twisted love story.

Opening the show with “Abominator,” the title track from the album is great to hear in any format but to hear it live is incredible. If you do not own it prior to seeing the show, you will own it before you leave the show. Story belted out all the songs powerful enough to leave impressions in your skull.

“Learn to Bleed” which is a favorite track off the album and had the crowd throwing down. “Valley of Shadows” with its tempo changes is sure to give any head banger a case of noodle neck in the morning. To hear someone sing classic Misfits songs such as “Violent world,” “Where Eagles Dare,” “Hybrid Moments,” “Devils Whore house,” “Last Caress,” “Attitude,” “Horror Business, ” and “Die Die My Darling” opens up a lot of room for criticism.

Alex Story delivered such a raw intensity with each of these old favorites, they seemed brand new. “Mark of the Beast,” “Dreaming Dead Girls,” “Drawing Down the Moon,” and “I Hope Hell is Warm,” each with their heavy riffs, hooks and vicious leads demonstrates the exceptional musicianship of the band making this a must have album for any Horror Metal fan.

Ashylus from Tri Cities, WA is made up of Anthony Badziong on vocals, William Quintana on bass, Andrew Badziong on drums, Schyler Cook on guitar, and Jason King on guitar. Standing tall and pissed off, they stuck up for a female fan bullied in the pit, stopping their set a few songs short to stop the situation cold. Ashylus is a force to be reckoned with.

Toxic Zombie from Portland, OR brought zombie music to the Tonic. The band will awaken the dead and eat your brains. Crawling out of the nuclear waste that is popular music, Toxic Zombie in its short existence has quickly rose to become a staple in Portland’s horror community. Realizing that it was not enough to write music that gave people a good hard punch in the teeth, Toxic Zombie has endeavored to excite people with a high-energy live performance, exemplified by the two gorgeous back up singing go-go dancers.

Taking their influences from rock, punk, glam, and old horror movies, Toxic Zombie will be entertaining and terrifying audiences for many years to come. Toxic Zombie is Grimm Dizaster on lead vocals/guitar, Sam “Damn” Dietz on lead guitar, Bryan “SMASH” on drums, Chad Shaver on bass, and both Severin Kennedy and Invisible Woman as go-go dancer and backup vocals, and Trevor “The Shape.”

The Clackamas Baby Killers (CBK) from Clackamas, OR gave a long-awaited performance, due to CBK demanding member’s schedules. CBK is Paul Scholes on vocals/guitar, Todd Hall on bass, Troy Matot on guitar, and Jordan “JNUT” Lewis on Drums. CBK has played since 2004 and are known for speed. They will be opening for the Misfits Nov 03, at the Alhambra theater.

Kicking the evening off was Portland’s own God Bless America, entering the room with good ol’ fashioned American punk. The anarcho-capitalist Terror-punxz are Eddie Kancer who powerfully belts out lyrics, Fluffy Kettering on bass, Captain Mittens on drums, and The Reverend Pat Riot on guitar. The band ripped it up on stage and had the audience ready and willing to give them all their money. This band is destined for greatness.

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