Co-Headliners Dope and Combichrist deliver powerful sets for metal-hungry fans in Louisville with September Mourning and Davey Suicide. 

As part of the Blood Lust Death tour, both Dope and Combichrist are treating fans to full sets each evening of the tour. This thirty-six date run covers all four corners of the United States in forty-two days.

Combichrist drummer Joe Letz, wearing a neon yellow ski mask, a tutu around his neck and a stuffed bikini top casually walks on stage, grabs the big floor bass drum from his kit and hands it to some very willing fans center stage to hold. While Joe bangs out some deep bass notes the rest of the guys appear on stage and “The show is on”.  

Industrial metal titans Combichrist catapult into “What the Fuck is Wrong With You” and immediately the venue is jumping and bouncing at a frenetic pace.  Without missing a beat “Blut Royale,” “Skullcrusher,” and “Throat Full of Glass” are the next on the set-list, amping up the energy in the room even higher.

Lead singer Andy LaPlegua, takes a moment to let everyone catch their breath. Staring out into the room with a sinister and completely demented smile, he knows he has complete control of the evening. Eric 13 on Guitar, Brent Ashley on bass and Nick Rossi on Percussion are tight and sharp, delivering intense rhythms and deep beats that keep Trixie’s and this Louisville crowd jumping all evening.

Combichrist keeps the party and energy going with the anthem-like “My Life My Rules,” and “Body Beat,” “Shut Up and Swallow” before they close out their set and their set with “Sent to Destroy”.

It has been more than five years since Dope last performed in Louisville and the crowd is more than ready to receive what Dope is dealing. Edsel Dope, Nick Dibs on bass, Virus on lead guitar and Daniel Fox on drums waste no time getting the Dope party started, launching into “Violence,” “Blood Money.” and “6-6-Sick” in rapid succession. With the energy level spiking, “Bitch,” “Best Shot,” and “My Funeral” immediately follow while the pit is in a frenzy of moshing and thrashing.

The stage at Trixie’s, with large LED light panels on either side and swamped with fog, creates a dynamic and pulsating atmosphere that Dope thrives on while they roll through some gritty covers of “Spin Me Around” (Dead or Alive), “Rebel Yell” (Billy Idol) and “Fuck Tha Police” (N.W.A.) that the Louisville fans are totally into. Dope wraps up their full set in epic fashion with a killer version of “1999”, leaving everyone sweaty, exhausted and satisfied, hoping it won’t be another 5 years before Dope returns to Louisville.

Visually stunning, musically enchanting and gripping, rockers September Mourning are captivating as they roll through their set. Dressed in all white, with long, flowing multi-colored hair, lead singer September with bandmates Raven on Guitar, Shadou on bass and Stitch on Drums create an atmosphere straight from a fantasy. September Mourning’s music tells a passionate and intimate story that hits into your very core and is extremely well received tonight.

As if they are shot out of a canon, goth rocker Davey Suicide and bandmates Drayven Davidson on drums, Niko Gemini on guitar and Derek Obscura on bass blast onto the Small Trixie’s stage with a vengeance. Touring in support of their fantastic new album, Made from Fire ” their set is highlighted by the contagious “Rise Above” and the raucous “Too Many Freaks” along with a few older songs “World Wide Suicide” and “Kids of America”. 

Their blazing performance and Davey’s energetic stage presence leave a great impression and start the night off right. While their set is on the short side tonight, Davey Suicide is a must-see band in the future.


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Event Date: 20-MAR-2017