Tank and The Bangas, along with Maggie Koerner, sell out Zanzabar, bringing a healthy dose of Louisiana soul to Louisville.

 The packed house isn’t even settled in when Maggie Koerner takes the stage with her band of 4. Rhodes piano rips through the speakers, letting everyone know the show has begun. With her powerful, gritty, bluesy voice, she sets the tone for the night and performs 8 songs to close out her Midwest tour.

Tank and The Bangas have worked their way into the public eye by winning the NPR Tiny Desk Concert competition, and they have taken that visibility and run with it. From the moment drummer Joshua Johnson takes the stage, the crowd in Louisville is ready to go. Joshua Johnson is joined by Merrell Burket, Joe Johnson and Norman Spence on keys, Albert Allenbeck on alto sax and flute, and Jonathan Johnson on bass guitar. The music starts, but there are no singers on stage. After a moment, Terriona ‘Tank’ Ball and Anjelika ‘Jelly’ Joseph take the stage to a very warm welcome, and the show has officially started.

The set, lasting about an hour and a half, is a party until the very last minute. The mixture of funk and soul and blues and hip-hop provides for a show that has everyone dancing. The song “Rollercoasters” is the only break given from the party. Tank uses this song to show her roots as a slam poet, telling the story of Jazzland, a theme park in New Orleans just down the street from where she grew up and sharing a bit of what it means to have New Orleans in your soul. She tells the story of the park closing down, and the sign out front that remains to this day that says ‘will open after the storm.’ After a quick change of pace, they jump right back into it, performing the song “Quick.”

After an hour and a half of dancing and laughing and enjoying each others’ company, Tank and The Bangas wrap it up, each member with their phone out recording the audience that will not seem to quiet down. After several minutes of the audience insisting that they come back on stage, Joshua Johnson returns to take his seat behind the drum set. Once joined by the rest of the band, they play a rendition of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” to truly close out the night.

Tank and The Bangas
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Maggie Koerner
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Event Date: 15-JUN-2017