The ViVi’d team put together a talented group of Connecticut, New York, and Boston punk/hardcore bands playing at the Beachcomber Quincy.

Vivi’d is a group of girls that promote bands, expose new music, and connect bands and clubs for amazing shows. This was their first show put together as a team.

There were so many punk and hardcore shows I’ve been to where it is tough to tell who the headliner is and this was one of those shows. Every band delivered a one-two punch and a few of the bands went on to play another show later that night.

Live Fast Die Fast is a Long Island, NY based band that formed in the summer of 2008. They kicked off their old school true hardcore set with Call to Action, Empty Words, Uncertain, and Blood Collar Crime. The guitars paired off showing their Agnostic Front and Bane influences. The drums and bass gave the growling vocals the perfect place to sit in the mix.

They closed their set with Horror Stories, From the Start, Song of Our Youth, and Only the Strong Survive. Josh Barone from A Dying Breed and Jonny Disaster from Cry Havoc jumped in for gang vocals on the last few songs. Live Fast Die Fast chummed the water and set the bar high for the afternoon.

Progress answered the call with their blend of west coast punk and melodic hard-core. They formed in Waterbury, CT in 2008. Progress has rolled up their sleeves in the local underground scene as well as touring and opening for national acts.

They opened their set with Bitter End, Undefeated, Measure of Beauty, and Phoenix. Phoenix is a new song that will be recorded for a split with Live Fast Die Fast that will be released later in 2014. They finished their set strong with Blue Black Eyes (Good Riddance Cover), Dead Lights, Ravenous, and The You Show.

Cry Havoc took the stage and took over the crowd. They formed in New Britain, CT in 2006 and play straight forward fast and angry old school unadulterated punk and hardcore. Cry Havoc is supporting their new full length release, “Let Slip the Dogs of War.”

Their set started with See Something Say Something, Catch me in the End, and Living on the Witch Hunt. Jonny Disaster’s stage presence reminded me of John Joseph from the Cro-Mags and Jack Kelly from Slapshot. Not a bad combination for any front man.

The band kept the crowd going closing with Nothing Will Ever Change, Calling Bullshit on Bullshit, Code of Silence, Leech Bite, Fever in my Eyes (Minor Threat cover), The Party’s Over, College Means Combat, and To the Victor Belongs the Silence.

Neighborhood Shit (NS) took their OL ‘Original Local’ Boston crust punk hardcore ‘617 for life’ to the stage. NS is one of the hardest working bands in the local Boston punk and hardcore scene supporting their EP “Pick A Side” and they are in the process of writing new material.

Their set opened up with Intro, I, This Is Our War, Smashism, We Are Not The Same, Cop Song, Red White and Bruised, and Instrumental. Two of their new songs they played were so new, they did not have names. Alex said one of the new songs was intended to be an instrumental, but they wound up adding lyrics. NS closed their set with Gate of Heaven, Unnamed, Pressure, and Destroy Your Hood.

In Our Blood closed the matinée in true hardcore punk style. They formed in Brockton, MA in 2005, and played heavily until they decided to hang it up in 2007. They went their separate ways and guitarist Jeff Sweeney joined another local Boston melodic hardcore band Red Equals Meltdown, which is also getting some notice in the metal and hardcore scene.

In Our Blood released a split called, “Let the Dead Remain Dead” with Bound By Regret in early 2013, which began to spark some interest in a reunion. They reunited in May 2014, and have started to line up more future shows.

With band interests like, “drinking heavily, 420, girls, weapons, barbecue, hanging with strangers, performing stunts, and tons of other stuff that has ‘good time’ written all over it, what could go wrong.

They finished the show in a feeding frenzy leaving everyone with bruises and smiles. The set included Intro, Step to me, No Turning Back, Still Standing, Life is Hell, and Broken Vows/Severed Ties all from their EP “Revenge is Forever.”


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