It was a crowd surfer, mosh circle lover’s paradise as Cradle Of Filth, with support from the Butcher Babies, rocked the Windy City.

It may not have been a full house on Tuesday evening, but you wouldn’t be able to tell looking at the high-octane performance from the Butcher Babies. Anyone who classes these women as a hair and lipstick outfit couldn’t be more wrong. In a music genre dominated by their male counterparts, Heidi and Carla have more than earned their spurs. They clearly had a strong fanbase out to support them in force. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were the headlining act; they performed as though they were.

Time for Cradle Of Filth to take to the stage. Currently touring North America as part of their Inquisitional Tour, their theatrics are everything you would expect them to be.

The band crept out under cover of darkness finding their places on stage. Just a sliver of light cast upon Dani Filth’s macabre microphone stand betrays their presence. But when the lights went up, Cradle Of Filth, bedecked in ghoulish makeup and costumes, came to life.

Dani’s powerful voice filled the music hall, complimented by Lindsay Schoolcraft’s backing vocals adding that extra dimension to their sound.

Richard Shaw on guitar is also noteworthy. His influences clearly hark back to his fellow countrymen, Iron Maiden.

The fans were overjoyed they made it through the dreadful Chicago winter weather for this one. It was clear Filth was experiencing issues with his monitors, which was, in turn, distracting for the audience. Nevertheless, the crowd lapped up his performance.

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