Corrosion of Conformity is back and bring their high-octane rock show to a full house at the acclaimed Machine Shop.

Mothership flew in from Dallas, Texas and gets the evening off to a rocking start. To say this band ‘kicks ass’ is an understatement. Mothership is drenched in the sweat soaked denim of hard roc.k. The primal energy of early UFO, Thin Lizzy, and Iron Maiden is present in each infectious riff these guys throw at us. Kyle Juett calls the crowd to come up front and the room heats up. What a treat to see a hard rocking band alive with the spirit of music and radiating that bliss upon the audience. Sadly, their set is over before you know it.

Saviours come on stage and immediately fire up red hot guitar riffs, blazing in a furnace of metal rhythm. These guys capture the essential fury of their hometown of Oakland, California in music that threatens to peel the paint off the walls of the Machine Shop. The crowd is full of Saviour fans enjoying the intoxicating celebration of heavy music. Heads are banging and fists are punching the sky as the band delivers music that strikes to the heart of hard rock and metal with honest power and aggression.

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band put the “S” in Stoner rock. They find a down and dirty groove and fill it with blues-fueled rock with fuzz to burn. Bubba DuPree lays down some gorgeous blues runs that stick inside your head. Many heads in the crowd are bobbing as the band jams silky smooth riffs rounded out with a low-end thunder provided by Ryan Gut (drums) and Dave Dinsmore (bass). At the helm of this desert cruiser is Brant Bjork with vocals that match the swinging groove of the music to perfection. You feel like you could listen to him sing and play all night long.

The lights dim and then pulse in yellow and purple highlights as Corrosion of Conformity takes the stage. From the smiles on the faces of Woody Weatherman (guitar) and Reed Mullin (drums), you know these guys are ready to have a good time. The crowd is going nuts with cheers and excitement as COC gets down to business with “Broken Man.” They follow with the crushing grooves of “Senor Limpio” and the blasting “Heaven’s Not Overflowing.”

To paraphrase Pepper Keenan, “not bad for a school night” as he references the rabid response of the crowd to every single note the band plays. The set is heavy with tunes off the Deliverance album, which is fine with the fans. COC hits some other choice cuts, including “Paranoid Opioid” and “13 Angels.” Mike Dean is a monster on the bass guitar and his playing shines through on “Albatross.”

Chants of “COC!” bring the band back for an encore that includes “Vote With A Bullet” and their signature tune “Clean My Wounds.” This is a shining performance from one of the best rock bands in the world. We can’t wait to hear new Corrosion of Conformity music coming in 2016.

The concert is an incredible rock show from end to end. Thie is a bill stacked with the visceral clench of hard rock that resonates inside of you. The Machine Shop in Flint is an outstanding venue and makes this fantastic musical ride even better with a dazzling light show and superb sound. Long live rock and roll.

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