Metallica perform to a sold-out Soldier Field for the perfect Father’s Day celebration.

Chicago’s own Local H were the winners of the Hit The Stage contest to be the lucky band to open for Metallica on their WorldWired tour. The alternative rock duo have the night off to a roaring start as Soldier Field welcomes the hometown boys to the stage.

Avenged Sevenfold kick things up a notch with their energetic set. Their hour-long set includes hits such as “Hail To The King” and “Nightmare”. Singer M. Shadows makes full use of the stage setup as he runs around the walkway around the Snakepit. Soldier Field is lapping up every second of this performance. Whilst there are a number of A7X t-shirt donning fans who are clearly here to see them, after this performance, it’s fair to say they will have more attendees at their own headlining shows in the future.

By the time James Hetfield and the boys take the stage the atmosphere is electric. Fans in the general admission area have lined up from first thing in the morning to secure their spot up front to get as close to their idols as they can. Their wait did not go to waste, and they got the performance they expected they would and more. 

Whilst this was a big stage production, it worked. The huge screens which serve as the backdrop project the band members so that people seated at the back can see the activity that is taking place on the ample stage. Despite the size of the stage, it doesn’t stop the band getting up close and personal with the fans. At one point, Hetfield drops to his knees with the fans in the Snakepit all vying to get a touch of the frontman as he is lost in his solo. 

Usually, the audience rarely gets to see the drummer at shows like this, except for when the camera projects them onto the big screen. This is far from the case with Lars Ulrich as he struggles to stay seated behind the drums and even gets to come out and join his bandmates as they all play in a gigantic drum circle front of stage during “Now That We’re Dead”.

Nothing has been left out of this large-scale production – the huge video wall, pyrotechnics and flames dancing back and forth across the stage. Add this to the performing of hits such as “One”, “Wherever I May Roam”, “Master of Puppets” and the rarely performed “The Four Horsemen” and it’s no wonder the crowds’ adrenaline is pumping. Whilst some may see such a grand production as getting away from the band’s raw roots, the reality is that some of this is simply necessary when performing in stadiums of this size. 

This is a show that has clearly brought together the generations. Kids as young as 8 and 10 being brought along for their first ever concert, Dad’s being brought out by their sons for their first Metallica shows  – a nicely timed way to celebrate Father’s Day.

If you haven’t yet managed to pick up tickets for this tour, be sure to do it now. This is one of those shows your friends and colleagues will all be talking about so you do not want to miss out. 

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Event Date: 18-JUN-2017

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