King Diamond successfully returns to Chicago and gives die-hard metal fans a legendary show befitting his reputation.

There are a few vintage venues in Chicago that could have suited King Diamond, but the historic Aragon Ballroom on the Northside practically became a character of the show. With its Moorish/Spanish architecture and starlit ceiling, the band’s gothic stage show looked perfectly synced to its surroundings.

With a Thanksgiving weekend show, the venue was perfectly full, and the sound carried flawlessly throughout. King Diamond impressed with a stellar light show supporting their fourteen-song set list which included their 1987 album Abigail in its entirety as well as a couple of Mercyful Fate covers.

As a master of the original metal falsetto, King Diamond delivered a solid and powerful performance defying his years in the business. Maybe there is something to be said for selling yourself to the Devil or for drinking some elusive immortality potion because it seems that King Diamond keeps getting better and better. The quality and care that go into his stage productions make seeing this original Scandinavian death metal show a rare and glorious event. Still on tour with Exodus, be sure to catch them at a city near you.

Unfortunately, this photographer was unable to cover Exodus, but rest assured that their fans were bringing the noise and the band sounded just as tight as ever. Crunchy and hard and very complimentary to King Diamond. This is one of those tours where no one is going to miss the opener, so get there on time in order to get a good position and parking.

King Diamond Set List: Welcome Home, Sleepless Nights, Halloween, Eye Of The Witch, Evil (Mercyful Fate), Melissa (MF), Arrival, A Mansion in Darkness, The Family Ghost, The 7th Day of July 1777, Omen, The Possession, Abigail, Black Horsemen.

King Diamond

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