Biting cold was no match for the heated intensity of the fans who welcomed Corrosion Of Conformity to the Fillmore in Detroit.

Corrosion of Conformity are back with a phenomenal new album called No Cross No Crown which will be released on January 12th.  This album hails the return of Pepper Keenan on vocals. Corrosion of Conformity’s last record with Pepper was 2005’s In the Arms of God. No Cross No Crown also marks the return of the iconic lineup of Woody Weatherman, Reed Mullin, Pepper Keenan, and Mike Dean which last occurred on American Volume Dealer in 2000.

Opening the show with a thick dose of dark and dank music is EyeHateGod. The progenitors of sludge, ooze sounds packed with meaty grooves capturing the essence of pain and disgust. Mike Williams buries his face into the microphone turning his voice into a weapon. His tormented vocals highlighting the suffocating riffs of Jimmy Bower on guitar. Even with his eyes concealed under a knit hat, his faced mimed a big “O” when digging into the punchy grooves on such songs as “Lack Of Almost Everything”, “30$ Bag”, and “Shoplift”.

Hammering the air with concussive blasts and bottomless bass are Aaron Hill (drums) and Gary Mader (bass). Aaron appears to hate his drums as he mercilessly beats them while grimacing with delight. Meanwhile, Gary expresses serenity letting the force of grooves flow through him like a Jedi master. Together, EyeHateGod have the crowd primed and ready to roll.

Under moody blue lights, Reed Mullin (drums) and Mike Dean (bass) set the tone opening up with the rumbling thunder of “Bottom Feeder” as Pepper Keenan and Woody Weatherman grabbed their guitars. The lights come up and Corrosion of Conformity unleashes crashing waves of heavy grooves with “The Luddite” from the upcoming ‘No Cross No Crown’. Pepper spits “Grind down the iron gear!” as heads bang and a mosh pit opens at the center of the floor of the Fillmore.

Reed’s characteristic popping snare and tumultuous tom rolls punctuate the gut-punching riffs of “Vote With A Bullet”. The richly resonate and rasping vocals of Pepper Keenan feed the burn on “Who’s Got the Fire” from the ‘America’s Volume Dealer’. In the next moment, Keenan perfectly captures the passion of “13 Angels” as Woody makes his ESP growl and moan. Throughout the set, the bass tones of Mike Dean sparkle with a depth and power that roots the audience’s ears into the music.

Corrosion of Conformity draw their performance to climax with the swinging grooves of “Albatross” and the driving riffs of “Clean My Wounds”. The band savored “Clean My Wounds” with an extended interlude reeking of pseudo-reggae rhythms before bringing it home. The audience cheered loud and strong as Corrosion of Conformity call it a night. We’ll keep the lights on in hopes that the band will swing back through Detroit later in the year.

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Event Date: 05-JAN-2018

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