The Mike Leslie Band and The Lows make an unforgettable dual headlining return to the Metro Detroit in efforts to promote double EP release at The Loving Touch. 

Most of Detroit will never forget the pride of holding the infamous title of being, “Detroit Rock City”. Candlebox guitarist, Mike Leslie, helped his fans greatly in remembering what Detroit rock ‘n’ roll is all about, by not only bringing a spectacular bill of musicians to The Loving Touch, but by showing everyone there that the rock city can only be defined by loud, and thunderous rock ‘n’ roll. 

Opening the show, was singer/ songwriter Katelynn Corll, who is influenced by bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters, took the stage in strong vocal power, along with deep emotionally stirring songs. Playing a mix of originals and covers, she really brought the place to life with her strong and confident voice and accompanied acoustic guitar. Katelynn’s band was in a synchrony of harmony, which all have years of proven musicianship by portraying such accuracy and respect for Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman.” 

The Gasoline Gypsies can be arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band currently in the Detroit rock ‘n’ roll underground. Being the co-opening act, the “band of gypsies” took the stage in what could be called a flashback into Detroit’s finest years of rock ‘n’ roll. They carried the banner of good ole’ time southern style rock, with a ferocious Detroit sound that can easily remind the listener of Detroit legends such as The Rockets, Alice Cooper, the Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent or Mitch Ryder. Most songs played were from the newly released, Killin’ Time, and throwing in a new one called, “Freaks and Non-Believers.” It is quite evident that the crowd knows who they want serving their rock to them.

Founded in 2017, The Lows are taking the Detroit rock culture by surprise with a sound that pays great homage to the 90’s grunge/ hard rock era. The late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave passed away May 2017 in the Motor City. The Lows pay respect to the Cornell fans and the legend himself. Being lead by frontman/singer, Angelo Coppola, the rock band delivered a powerful rendition of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” that could be remembered forever. Overall, the performance of this band at The Loving Touch, is high energy, driven, and set out with a purpose.  

Mike Leslie has been in the rock ‘n’ roll scene for sometime and is not unfamiliar with big exposure, being a guitar player for the popular grunge band, Candlebox. When Mike is not on tour with Candlebox, he is the busy frontman for his self-titled power trio, The Mike Leslie Band. The band hit the stage and played an energetic, and lively set. Sporting dark sunglasses on stage in a smoky and dark room, it is not surprising that they played the crowd favorite, “Bad Asses,” along with a new release titled, “Punkberry”. The Mike Leslie Band has really stuck true to style and passion over the years, and by the showing of people at The Loving Touch proves how loyal his fans are to the music they are producing. The band ended the night in perfect rhyme and reason of on-stage madness, having members of Katelynn Corll and The Gasoline Gypsies perform a version of Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”. The song was executed perfectly, with mid-song jams, cowbell, harmonica, tambourine, guitar solos, good times, laughs and passion from every musician on the stage. 

Mike Leslie Band and The Lows both celebrated an album release and performed extremely well as expected from a crowd that is eager to see and hear more content from their favorite selected local artists. 

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Event Date: 30-DEC-2017

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